What You Believe, You Can Achieve

FM Doctors are the Brightest Minds in the World

I have talked to, educated, and been educated by thousands of doctors all over the country on various topics relating to functional medicine.   You want to talk about intelligent.  Functional Medicine doctors are the smartest group of individuals I know.  They can talk about the biochemistry, pathophysiology, and origin of diseases all day long.  They have a wonderful gift to share with the world.  This group can and I predict will change the health of the nation in the next 20 years.

The Problem

As smart as this group is, many of them lack the ability to spread and disseminate their message of health, and many of them place limiting beliefs on themselves.  These limiting beliefs typically have to do with marketing and money.  A lot of doctors are scared to run the lab tests their patients need because they are scared to ask for the money.  Many of these doctors are scared to sell supplements out of their office because they don’t want to appear “salesy”.    Hence the problem begins.  Knowledge is power, but failure to implement the knowledge out of fear is selfish.

Many doctors establish excuses for their failures to get patients to comply to recommendations.  They say that the area around their practice is different, that the people in their town can’t afford functional medicine services.  They establish the limiting belief that the patients in their area are different, poor, unwilling, or whatever…  The bottom line is this – the excuse puts a limit on the mind.  Limit the mind and limit your ability to help patients.

You see, doctors have an obligation to get their patients better.  By failing to prescribe the right test or supplement or service they end up losing the patient to the mass marketing of misinformation provided by junk magazines, TV, radio, etc.  In the end, the doctor fails to be successful at practice, and the patient pays the money to someone promoting the next proverbial “snake oil miracle cure”.  I have seen many practices fail and close because of a  doctor’s limiting mind set.

Be Like a Camel Jumper

The video below says it all…

These short Yemen folk don’t think about the possibility of jumping camels, they just do it.  Amazing – the power of your mindset will elevate your practice growth and building to a whole new level or it will close your doors to the world and all of your intelligence and knowledge will be for not.  Believe in your services, products, and ability to get patients better and you will achieve life long functional medicine practice success.   In summary, be a Camel Jumper.

Wishing you success,

Dr. O


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Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne