Wealth Management in Your Functional Medicine Practice

How to Make More, Save More, and Reach Financial Independence Faster

This week I sat down with New York Times best selling author and owner of The Wealth Factory, Garret Gunderson.  Garret, is the functional medicine guru of finance.  He teaches doctors how to save on taxes, how to uncover hidden revenue, how to intelligently position money, and how to manage cash flow to rapidly grow wealth and financial freedom.

In this podcast you will gain knowledge to help you:Wealth Factory and Functional Medicine

  • Reach financial independence faster
  • How to maximize and harness the cash flow from your functional medicine practice
  • How to minimize your risk in the financial investment sector
  • Scale your business and increase your revenue
  • How to automate your savings so you can master “pounce investing”
  • How to build “relationship capital” to grow your bottom line
  • How using Cost Segregation can save you thousands of dollars on your tax bill

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Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne