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    • Dr. Ethan

      I got some good ideas from this video, im going to watch it again to take notes. Thanks Doctor.

    • Janet

      Looking to establish my practice as the authority on Hashimoto’s. Thanks for this timely information doc!

      • Mary

        Me too! Just graduated as a health coach, and this is the area I’m interested in. I’ve made changes to my my diet, and I’m applying lifestyle strategies that have helped me tremendously in feeling a whole lot better.

    • Dr. Alex

      Would love to hear you elaborate more on the star story solution strategy. Thanks for all you do to help us!

    • Kim Karimi

      I am a Functional Health Practitioner, and I specialize in helping people overcome their gluten-related autoimmune disease. Dr. Osborne, this is the first time I’ve publicly declared myself as an “expert” 🙂

      • Dr. Osborne

        Love it Kim! Thanks for doing it here!

        • Maryanna

          Thank Osborn. I am an expert

    • Dr. Lynda Gammal

      I am a Functional medicine practitioner that specializes in True Cellular Detox and Healing and the Multi-therapeutic approach to Healing. To heal you must fix and detox the Cell and the cell ca do the healing. I started a meetup group but I don’t know how to get people to come to my events.

      • Dr. O

        Hi Dr. Lynda,
        Though you are right. The cell can do the healing, you have to excite people to get them to show up to a meeting. Consider the topic in your marketing. “True Cellular Detox” is not an attention grabber because people don’t know what it is. Come up with a meeting headline that grabs attention and peaks interest.

    • Evelyne Aguilera - Aymard

      I practice Functional mĂ©decine in a middle city . I don’t really have a specific expertise. I have to determine one. Good idea. And I didn’t dare to show me as An expert. I wrote a book, did several speak on local radio… but not the success expected. I got tired.
      Thank you so much for your Advice.
      Can it be applied in a country as France.

      • Dr. Osborne

        Yes. These concepts are fundamental and apply in any market Evelyne!

    • Nadj

      I would never have though of planning my marketing strategies and having long term and sort term goals. I love that you invited Mrs USA to your mega event – such an out the box idea.

    • Karen MacKnight

      Great advice for building any business. Maybe Dr Osborne could expand his target audience. I must have accidentally checked the wrong box and identified myself as a health professional. I am, however, learning a great deal from these presentationsl.

    • Paul T Manza, UbiquiTox

      Great advice! My expertise is the world of chronic environmental exposures that exacerbate the onset and progression of behavioral and degenerative disorders, and chronic diseases.
      You must stop pouring gasoline on the fire if you want to achieve optimal long term success in any healing/wellness protocol. My practice connects the dots and provides natural health solutions. Paul T Manza, MS – Environmental Toxicology, NYU Institute of Environmental Medicine.

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