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    • Crystal

      I’m a physician assistant wanting to leave conventional medicine and start my own practice in Fx med in a primarily online telemedicine model. It is doubly tricky to start your own practice as PA because of laws regarding supervising physician and how that could even work. I know some PAs in fx med have found a way to do it, but I’m not sure where to even start regarding legalities, malpractice, how to do telemedicine if you are only licensed in one state, etc. Super motivated yet super overwhelmed!!

      • Dr. O

        Crystal, many MD’s, PA’s, etc are going online under the auspice of health coaching vs. treating and diagnosing. This does not fall under state licensing related to your PA license. You may also look into the Pastoral Medical Association as they also have options that are legally sound.

        • Crystal

          Would love to find out more, just not sure what the entire medical-legal rules are for operating online model as Fx Med provider. Are you still able to order Fx med labs, interpret and make suggestions based upon results or would that be considered diagnosis/treatment? Have you worked with PAs in your Dream Practice program to set up practice models? Thanks Dr O.-

    • Teresa

      I am a veterinarian seeking ways to incorporate functional medicine principles into my practice. The clients that experience their own healing may appreciate the same approach for their fur babies. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

    • Kerri

      The biggest struggle is having a seamless step by step process of onboarding new patients. From the right intake form, email seq, and utilizing my EMR.

    • Sarah Williams

      Hi Dr. O,
      I have been practicing FM for many years and could use a good system for lab tracking.. What do you use?
      Dr. Sarah Williams DC

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