23 replies to "5% vs 95% — What can you delegate?"

    • Matthew

      Great Info Doctor, can’t wait for the webinar.

    • Diego

      Wow, super helpful information!!! Im just starting my practice, and I’m going to do this homework assignment tonight.

    • James

      Thanks Dr. O – I am definitely going to restructure my schedule around my 5%!

    • Ellie

      This was eye opening for me! I spend 5 hours a week answering emails. It is a nightmare. I can’t wait to implement this new strategy in my office.

    • Michelle

      5 %vs 95%! Smart way to approach to bring about the balance we need and seek for both work &life ! Wow! Thanks, Doc.O!

    • Eileen Karn

      Great suggestions most himge on having a team .Guess I need to get help because I have been going it solo and its not working. How do I develop a team?

      • Dr. Osborne

        Hi Eileen,
        Start by hiring someone who is passionate about functional medicine. Clients and patients are a good place to start looking for the right fit.

    • Dr. Jonas

      This exercise was very revealing for me. Thank you Dr. Osborne! Lot’s of distractions I need to avoid!

    • Demasiado lenta la carga del video. Activaran los subtitulos en Español?

    • traceypowers

      I am a Certified Health Coach, I am passionate about educating and helping people heal. I would love to work with a Functional Medicine doctor. Perhaps I can be part of your 95%. I can be reached at 630-707-1199.

    • Bobbie Bobbie

      This information is mind blowing… Now to do the homework and implement in my practice. Thank you for this valuable strategy! Can’t wait for the webinar.

    • Lin

      Concerned Realist, you are an absolute troll. No one loves his patients more than Dr.O. Must being overextended and exhausted be the true mark of a “caring” provider? Is safeguarding the very expertise that helps patients being uncaring? Answers: NO. NO.

    • Nadj

      I wrote down my biggest takeaway verbatim: Health conscious people will pay for quality healthcare regardless of their insurance coverage. They take an active role in their care and they’re hyper-motivated to comply and get better. I found this information liberating, because insurance claims have been the bane of my practice

      • Peter Osborne

        Nailed it!! Can’t wait for your practice to explode in a whole new direction that fulfills you and your patients’ lives.

    • Jon

      Thanks so much Dr. Osborne! This is just what I needed to hear. The timing couldn’t have been better!

    • Dr. Holden

      Great info! Thanks for sharing so willingly!

    • Indi

      We spend, literally, way too much time away from our calling…. loss of time we cannot get back to serve our passion, mission, purpose and community. We also take our freedoms away, you’re not free if you have no control over your time, where you want fo be, doing what you love and spending $$$ using up time in the wrong way. We’re only have so much time in our hour glass. Don’t die with regrets, or your gifts still in you! Prisoner or slave to too many jobs, build team players or outsource to win!!!

      • Dr. Peter Osborne

        Perfectly stated Indi!

    • Dr. Mark

      Thank you Dr. O! Lot’s of pearls in this video that I need to focus on with Covid downtime.

    • John G. Rupolo DC DACBN

      Hi Peter…..this is John G Rupolo DC,DACBN.Would love to know more about your Functional Medicine Program…… It may be time for me to start looking at it seriously
      Best regards,

    • John G. Rupolo DC,DACBN

      Call me when you can.
      516 445-4615

    • Ravza

      Thanks a lot, helps let me thinking what is my mistake and how can do correct.

    • Michael D Koontz NMD

      People need to know what’s keeps them healthy.
      I have the experience to discover what that is!!
      I use energy intuitive eye reflex.

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