Using Leverage to Build a Patient Following

Marketing functional medicine by working smart, not hardHow many repetitive tasks do you find yourself doing on a daily basis?

Most doctors offices are full of redundant duties and tasks.  For the staff, it is checking on insurance, taking copays, setting patients up on treatments, etc.

For the doctors it’s patient education.  You repeat similar information to patient after patient, day after day.  The problem with the modern medical office is that time is usually a restricting factor.  You want your patient to be educated, but often lack the time to fully spend with them and get the job done.  Implementing the following strategies will help you leverage your time and knowledge to attract new patients while creating a base of loyal followers who refer.


Functional Medicine Marketing Factor #1 – Email Marketing

The creation of an email newsletter for your office is crucial in building a successful functional medicine practice.  Email is an easy way to consistently reach your patients and provide them with quality educational materials.  This ensures that your message of health is constantly being delivered to them.  It also creates a branding effect for your office.  Keeping your name in front of them on a consistent basis makes it easy for them to think of you when a health problem arises.  In my office, I have a pre-written sequence of newsletters.  Every new patient begins receiving these on a weekly basis.  Each newsletter consists of several health related articles that serve to educate the patient on health topics, but also to make them aware of services that my office offers that could help them.

Functional Medicine Growth Factor #2 – Creating Educational Videos

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time teaching lifestyle, nutritional, and exercise concepts to your patients.  The core concepts of what you teach is similar.  Creating videos about these topics can help you consistently drive the message home on a repetitive basis.  Additionally, once the video is created, it can be used over and over again in your office, as well as on the internet to help market your office. Do the work once and leverage it for years to educate existing patients and drive new patients to your office*.

*Search engines love video content.  Having educational videos posted on youtube and embedded into your website helps drive your site rankings up so when people are searching for functional medicine doctors online, they will most likely find you.

Functional Medicine Factor #3 – Write Articles

Functional medicine patients are educated.  They have a strong desire to learn about health and wellness.  Article writing serves as an invaluable tool to assist these potential patients.  An important factor to consider when writing is the ability to incorporate the work into a blog on your office website.  Writing articles on common health issues and posting them on your blog helps you drive more potential new patients to your office.

Your newsletter can also drive patients to your website to read these articles.  Often times you will find that your patients email your newsletter to their friends and family members.  I have actually had new patients print out my articles and bring them in on their first visit.  When asked how they found my office they reply by pulling out an article of mine.  Sometimes the articles are several years old!

When your articles are good, other websites will link back to them giving you free advertisement.  Make sure that your website has an opt in box where non patients have the ability to sign up for your newsletter.   The more people that are on your email marketing list, the greater fan base and following you will create.

Functional Medicine Synergy –

By implementing the strategies above, you will begin to see a synergy like effect.  Your newsletter will drive traffic to your website.  Your videos will drive traffic to your website.  Your articles writing will turn your website into an encyclopedia of health information.  Working all three concepts together will build an online marketing  presence that begins to take on a life of its own.  As it grows, you will have built an empire of referring patient fans. By putting your knowledge into newsletters, videos, and articles, you will have leveraged your time by creating an internet presence that perpetually markets your office while you sleep.

Wishing you great success!

Dr. O


If you need help implementing these strategies, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne