Dr. Osborne asked me to remind you that it is time to retest your __________.

It has been _ months since your last Micronutrient Deficiencies test, and he does recommend test be done twice a year to keep your health optimal.

The cost for this test is:___________  Let me know if I can get this ready for you.

Blood Draw Instructions – Step 2 Version A (non-local)


Thanks for confirming your ______ retest. I will process the order for this test now. Please wait for both the paperwork from our office and the kits from the lab to arrive before scheduling a draw.


Attach a front and back copy of your insurance card to the requisition when it arrives, and don’t worry if you forget, I will also write you a reminder note.


You will need to schedule an appointment at a ‘Quest’ lab and a  ‘Any Lab Test Now’ location for the blood draws. Take the Spectracell kit and requisition to ‘Any Lab Test Now’. Take the Quest requisition to a ‘Quest’ location. Bloodwork involving a ‘Quest’ lab does not have a kit. Only the requisition is required.


Please let us  know if you need us  to provide locations for either of the above laboratories.



You will need to fast for 8 hours prior to taking the Spectracell blood test at ‘Any Lab Test Now.’ That means NO food or juice for the 8 hours prior to the draw. You will not need to be fasting for the Quest blood draw. Attached below is the handout for the fasting instructions.