Thank you for writing us.


I am sorry for all that you have had to endure on the road to wellness, but it is apparent that you have the knowledge and determination to overcome your illness.

Your questions are certainly valid considering all the symptoms you are experiencing, and Dr. Osborne is one of the few people who have a thorough grasp of the effects of gluten on the body and how to manage your life and to achieve wellness.

I can certainly recommend becoming a client of Dr. Osborne’s. He helps people all over the country and internationally. He is still accepting new clients and we are currently booking in ______, although we do have a cancellation list that we work very diligently. We will be happy to add you to that list if you’d like to book an appointment. The 12 pages of new patient paperwork are his first diagnostic tool, and will be the basis of your first consult (click the link below). Fill out your personal information, especially your email address and the system will automatically send you the forms to that specific email. Download and print the forms, fill them out and bring them to your appointment or send them via fax if you are consulting by phone. You can expect to spend 40-50 minutes with Dr. Osborne during your consultation. The fee is $300.00 and he does require a $150.00 deposit upon making your first appointment (phone or face to face). That is refundable within 48 hours of your appointment if you need to cancel for any reason.


Dr. Osborne is a gifted communicator and educator who has helped thousands of clients over the years and I’m sure you would get the help you are seeking. It is difficult for anyone to assume what that might be without adequate testing, and Dr. Osborne offers many custom and comprehensive lab tests according to the individual needs of each person. He can figure out the root cause of your problem and help you eliminate the guesswork.  

Dr. Osborne offers phone consultations if you are interested. Below is his practice information.


Origins Healthcare

phone: 281-240-2229