Consulting with Dr. Osborne would give you peace of mind and could put you on the right track towards a lifetime of true health. He is a gifted communicator and educator, and I’m sure you would get the answers you are seeking. Dr. Osborne can decipher the root cause of your health problems and eliminate the guesswork. He also offers phone consultations. Actually, they are a regular part of his schedule as he partners with domestic and international clients* to guide them to better health.

Dr. Osborne is uncompromising with the laboratories he uses, and getting the best results; which is why his lab tests are custom designed and extremely comprehensive. His efforts to get to the bottom of an individual’s health concerns demand he have all the important pieces of that puzzle.


He is still accepting new clients and we are currently booking in ______, although we do have a cancellation list that we work very diligently. We will be happy to add you to that list if you’d like to book an appointment. The 12 pages of new client paperwork are his first evaluation tool, and will be the basis of your first consult (click the link below).

Fill out your personal information, especially your email address, and the system will automatically send the forms to that specific email. Download and print the forms, fill them out, and then get those back to us as soon as possible. We are unable to add you to our cancellation list until these forms are in our hands. You may email, fax, or mail the forms.

While Dr. Osborne is not contracted with any insurance companies, we will provide itemized receipts for you to file with your insurance for potential reimbursement.


You can expect to spend 40-50 minutes with Dr. Osborne during your consultation. The fee is $300.00 and he does require a $150.00 deposit to schedule your first appointment (phone or face to face). That is refundable within 24 hours of your appointment if you need to cancel for any reason.

Dr. Osborne utilizes various functional medicine laboratory testing to evaluate your current individual health status. This type of testing is extremely specific compared to most traditional lab tests, and some customized panels are not available elsewhere. Dr. Osborne is very discriminating in his choice of labs and has developed a strong relationship with chosen providers. As a strategic part of your nutritional guidance, all lab test kits are provided through Origins Health Care.

Give us a call at your earliest convenience, and we will be happy to get your appointment with Dr. Osborne scheduled. We look forward to getting you know you as a client.

*For international appointments, or those that wish to correspond via audio, we offer Google Hangouts. If you are unable to place a call to our office to schedule your appointment, please add to your Google Hangouts account so we can get your information and secure the deposit.

For the actual consult with Dr. Osborne add when the time arrives for the appointment.

Note: after the first appointment, international patients (except Canadians) must travel to the US for testing.