Thanks for confirming your ______ retest. Your test kits will be ready for pick up later today. You will need to take the kits from our office to the ‘Any Lab Test Now’ location in Sugar Land. They will not have the kits or required requisitions. We recommend calling ahead to make an appointment for the draw. Please let the staff know you are coming from Dr. Osborne’s office, and they will waive the draw fee.


You will need to fast for 8 hours prior to taking the Spectracell blood test at ‘Any Lab Test Now.’ That means NO food or juice for the 8 hours prior to the draw.

You will not need to be fasting for the Quest blood draw.

Attached below is the handout for the fasting instructions.

Please note: Because retest results require appointments, the following steps are repeated from ‘Email Canned Responses: New Client Follow Up