What is DreamPractice all about? If you are looking for a functional medicine approach to building the practice of your dreams, tune in to today’s episode as Dr. Osborne breaks down what the DreamPractice mission is all about.

Big Take Aways:

  • Functional Medicine is slated to go mainstream
  • Money follows your passion for helping people
  • Business and money savvy are necessities for your success
  • There is no such thing as a “canned” management program that is right for every practice.
  • You should attend the Functional Medicine Success Summit

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    • thomas Bodendorfer

      Thank you! For outreach. I’m semiretired Pharm.D with dual residincies and finishing my advancedA4M fellowship next year. I see/feel the trend for functional/nutritional medicine…..as a “Pharmacist “….I am looking how to market myself into a intergrative practice under a licensed medical provider. I certainly appreciate the nurse practioners and licensed physician assistants….as a published and prior clinical pharmacist……What is your advice for networking and seeking employment opportunities within the growing functional medical practices.

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