The problem with many Functional Medicine Websites

No one is going to come to your website and buy a spend hundreds of dollars on testing and products.  Health consumers typically don’t work that way.  That doesn’t mean you can’t offer products off of your website.  Supplements and information products are great low cost ways to introduce people to you and your services, but you shouldn’t list out your clinic pricing structure online.

Remember, people don’t just spend thousands of dollars buying health services online, and the last thing you want to happen is for someone to make their decision on price rather than on the service and the value that you provide.

The Four Main Purposes of Your FM Site

The bottom line with your site? It should focus on four main functions.

  1. Establish your credibility.  List your degrees, media affiliations, books you may have written, etc.
  2. Demonstrate proof that your protocols get people better with the use of written, audio, and video testimonials.
  3. Clearly explain who you are, what you do, and why it is different than every other doctor they have seen and not been helped by.
  4. Capture emails of patients and potential patients so that you are building a list… The best way to do this is by giving free information reports in exchange for their email address.

In our cash based realm, people will only buy from you once they know, like, and trust you, and the best way for that to happen on a large scale is through email marketing.  In fact, email marketing is what’s going to make the difference between mediocre success and phenomenal success for you.

Imagine a funnel…

Potential patients find your site, see an offer for your free health report and decide to opt in and download it. Now this person becomes a prospective patient on your email marketing list.  In essence, they enter your funnel.   After reading or watching  your report and getting some awesome informational emails from you, they naturally come to the conclusion that you’re the go to doctor for functional medicine, and they pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with you.  The automated funnel simply allowed you to market your services enough to impress the prospect.

On that note… don’t just offer up a boring box that asks for an email. Make it enticing, use images of the report, fire up some benefit bullets – YOUR job is to get the prospect to give your their email address so the “lead magnet” has to look enticing and provoke action.  The graphic below is an example:

 This is hands down one of the most powerful tools to generate new patients.  Many doctors buy traffic and send people to their website.  They just trust that their website will be enough.  Without an opt in box and the ability to capture these visitor emails, that money is completely wasted.

Committed to your success,

Dr. O

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne