The Power of Real Testimonials

Patient testimonials help market your fm practiceHave you ever needed a service performed but weren’t sure where to go or who to use?  We have all been in this position at some point or another.  What do we typically do?  Usually we ask for a referral from a friend, family member, etc.

Referrals are the most powerful patient source we have.  When someone refers, what they are really saying is:

  1. I have used this doctor and they are the best
  2. I got excellent results
  3. They are worth the money I spent

That brings us to the main point of today’s post.  You most likely already have patients that you have helped tremendously.  They are probably singing your praise on a daily basis to their friends, family, and co-workers.  Unfortunately, they can only reach so many people.

If you could capture testimonials from these patients, you could create an online referral pipeline that never ends.

Let me explain – when a potential patient visits your website or Facebook page, what do they see?  Most likely a ton of information about your office.  The problem with this is that it is written by you.  What differentiates you from any other doctor?

The answer is proof!

Testimonial proof is the most powerful form because it is not you saying how great you are…it is someone you have helped saying it.

The picture above is a perfect example of the power of testimonial proof.  If a patient was looking for a doctor to help with a thyroid condition, but they were also overweight (as many thyroid patients tend to be).  How do you think this picture would make them feel?

As the saying goes – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

Oh, and by the way, video testimonials work just as well if not better.  The following video should illustrate this point for you…

Make it a habit to ask your patients for testimonial pictures, letters, videos, sound bites, etc.  If they aren’t comfortable with video, ask for audio.  Don’t think it improper or non-doctorly (if that is even a real word) to ask for a testimony.  If your goal is to help the world heal, you will need help!

Now do me a favor…If you found this article helpful, leave me a testimony below!

Thanks – Dr. O

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne