The Power Of Internet Marketing For You Practice

I wanted to share an experience with you about success and extreme gratification using internet marketing, but before I do it is important to know why I got into internet marketing in the first place …

Are You Doing This?

Many doctors show up on Monday at the office and treat patience all day, show up on Tuesday and treat patients all day… The week is pretty much the same.  I have to admit, I was that way earlier on in my practice – until I did the math.  You see, in a typical day, you are limited to how many patients you can see because of time.  Functional medicine takes time.  You can’t squeeze 30 people into a day of 7-8 hours and give them quality care.

This is where I had a moral dilemma.  The type of care we give as functional medicine doctors should be available to the world.  The problem is there are only about 10,000 (give or take) functional medicine doctors currently in practice.  At the rate I was going – only seeing 7- 8 patients in a day, not all of them are new patients (follow up care, etc) I could practice for 30 years and still not be able to accommodate 20% of the people in the city where I practice.  That was a problem for me.

I turned to the internet as a tool to educate a broader audience.  I created videos, blog posts, and audio commentary about a variety of health related conditions.  Gluten was a major focus here because that is my FM niche.  The majority of this information I provided for free.  I starting receiving emails and facebook communications from people all over the world.  People I didn’t even know.  They were thanking me for the information I provided on Gluten Free Society, youtube, and facebook.  Many of them thanked me for saving their lives.  Gratifying to say the least.  After a year,  my online arsenal of information had reached more than a million people.  A MILLION Vs. 500 (I typically see 450 – 500 new patients a year).
Moral dilemma solved.

The Internet Should Be A Major Tool In Your Marketing Arsenal

There are two very important lessons to learn from my experience above.

  1. I once heard a man say – your financial earnings are a direct reflection of how many people’s lives you touch in a positive way.  In essence, the more you help, the greater the reward.  The reward comes from the satisfaction that someone was helped, but the reward is also financial.  My products and services sell all over the world because I help people all over the world.  Internet marketing makes this possible.
  2. The knowledge you have is powerful.  You might take it for granted because you live, breath, and practice it everyday.  But the reality is that the average person doesn’t know 1% of what you do about restoring and maintaining health.  As a doctor it is your duty and obligation to share what you know with as many people as possible.  Going to your practice day in and day out is not enough.  Technology has changed the playing field, and not sharing your knowledge is self limiting.  Look at a few of the comments and letters I have received from people who are not even my patients below:

Successful Case Study –

One of the most common questions I get asked from email subscribers is “What can I do for leaky gut?”  I got the question so frequently, that I decided to share the answer and offer a product that would help accelerate the healing process.  (See what I did here <<<) This is a product that I have been using for years in my clinic with very good success.

The outcome was quite amazing.  Not only were people very thankful for the information I provided on the topic, they were also very interested in buying it.   I sell about 100 bottles of this particular product per month online organically.  That equates to more people receiving help they need, and a source of passive revenue for my clinic.

Using the internet is not hard.  It requires minimal time investment, and it expands your reach to the world.

To your success,

Dr. O


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Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne