The Four Essentials to Functional Medicine Practice Success

Over the years of coaching and consulting doctors, I’ve determined four traits that most top clinics posses.  I call them, “The Four Essentials” and I believe that these traits separate the top earning FM doctors from the struggling masses of those “just barely getting by”. Here they are:

1. You have to be an action taker.

Most doctors strive to be perfectionists. But in the business of doctoring, things will never be perfect.  That is why it’s called Practice.  The biggest factors to achieving success are the ability to take imperfect action and being able to implement quickly. The individuals who take action the fastest and most often are the most likely to be successful.

See, even in the best case scenario, nothing will ever be perfect.

So… if you’re waiting for all of the stars to align, to save up more money, or for the “economic storm” to pass before taking action… then you’ll never develop an elite top earning clinic.

2. You’ve got to have an open mind.

If you open up the yellow pages or any newspaper or magazine, you’ll see a lot of the same types of healthcare ads.  Visit any ten offices and at nine of them you’ll receive the same old ho-hum experience.  Separating your practice from the masses takes an open mind and the willingness to step away from the accepted norms of our profession.

This may include radically changing the way that you market your practice.  It may include borrowing some strategies from the hospitality or other industries.  It may include modeling FM practices that consistently achieve phenomenal results. This may push the limits of your comfort zone.  That’s when you know you’re making real progress.

3. You must have thick skin.

Doing anything that is different from the masses takes courage.  You put your head on the proverbial chopping block when you step outside of the box.  You have to expect to take some criticism as you start to separate yourself from the pack.

Hostility may come your way stemming from jealousy, envy or ignorance. Your ultimate goal should be to provide the best care to your patients and to be the best provider for your family and loved ones. If you can accomplish this while making a positive difference in world, it shouldn’t matter if you make some people uncomfortable.

4. You must be crystal clear about what drives you.

Striving to be the very best in your profession is going to take work… lots and lots of hard work.  When things go wrong, and they definitely will, you’ve got to be crystal clear about the reasons why you want to succeed.  Without a strong enough WHY, you’ll never push through the challenging times without giving up and settling for less.

  • Does being the best provider for your family drive you?
  • Do you want more freedom and less stress?
  • Do you want to be able to step away from the office without a paycut?

You’ve got to be absolutely crystal clear about what you’re doing it all for and commit wholeheartedly to it.  If you’re consistently falling short of your goals, you simply don’t have a strong enough WHY.

The fastest and most predictable formula for success in life and in business is learning from your own mistakes, learning from the mistakes of others and modeling the most successful people.

Before you can begin to adopt and emulate the tactics and strategies of the world’s top, functional medicine practices, you’ve got to begin thinking like them. The “Four Essentials” are a good start.

With a strong foundation, the correct philosophy and a workable plan, any doctor can join the ranks of the top functional medicine clinics in the world.

Committed to your success,

Dr. Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne