The 3 Fastest Ways to Grow Your Practice

One of the most common questions I get asked –

What is the quickest way to start building my FM practice?

As with everything in life, there is no quick fix, magic bullet, product promotion, or strategy that will build a successful practice without the element of HARD WORK.  That being said, if you focus on the following three action items, you will build your practice faster than your neighbor.

  1. Hold a monthly seminar.  This can be done for free at the local library or community center.  If you have the space, I would recommend using your office.  The seminar should have a hot topic.  Pick a something in your niche that people want to know more about.  For example – I recently held a seminar on “Leaky Gut”  the turn out was over 60 people.  These seminars can be marketed through your local health food store, the grocery store, the COC, etc.  Invite all of your existing patients via email.  Incentivise their attendance by offering valuable give-a-ways.  We give raffle tickets to those who either bring a guest or a gluten free food dish.  I usually raffle the more expensive lab tests and bottles of popular supplements.  Make sure to bring your office appointment book or computer.  At our last meeting, 8 people made appointments to become new patients.  If you really want to leverage the seminar, pay a college student to video record the lecture.  You will be able to use the recording as a free give away to help build your email list online.
  2. Build and leverage an email list.  This is the most underestimated, value adding, passive profit generating action step you can take.  Most doctors don’t focus enough effort into building this.  Think of building an email list much the same as investing.  The more you put into it, the more income it generates.  A good list can be leverage in many ways – to educate potential patients, to share and disseminate information about your clinic, to generate a secondary income… If you only collect your patient’s email, it will take 10 plus years to build a decent sized list capable of generating an income for you.  That is why I would recommend that you take the video recordings from one of your seminars (see above) and offer it online to people for free- in exchange for their email.  The image below is one I use to do this:
  3. Meet with business owners in your community.  We are in the people business.  The more people who know, like, and trust you, the faster your practice will grow.  I recommend joining your chamber, BNI group, Exchange Club, Rotary, etc.  Call other doctors and invite them to lunch.  Offer to take their problem patients off of their hands.  Volunteer your speaking services to local groups – garden club, mom’s groups, corporate business, etc.  The only way people in your community will know you are there is to be a part of your local community.

Like I mentioned above, there is no magic bullet way to build functional medicine success.  If you work hard on the three principle action steps above, you will reach success faster than your competition.
Committed to your success,

Dr. Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne