Success Vs. Failure

One of my mentors sent me an email with the following thoughts.  To establish the example I am trying to teach you, I took action and improved it.  Here it is:

The RICH and SUCCESSFUL focus on outcomes and profits and how to achieve them.

The poor unsuccessful focus on watching the news, talking about others, and reading newspapers.

The RICH and SUCCESSFUL work HARD and take massive action!

The poor unsuccessful spend time watching TV, around the water cooler gossiping. (Talking about the news)

The RICH and SUCCESSFUL focus on specific tasks, get them done and move to the next!

The poor unsuccessful multi-task –  jumping from one thing to the next (with no focus) and gets little done.


The poor unsuccessful wait to take charge until things are better or let someone else take charge.

The RICH and SUCCESSFUL set goals.  They visualize and write down what they want!

The poor unsuccessful have vague aspirations and not sure what they want.

The RICH and SUCCESSFUL set deadlines and get done what they wanted and when they wanted to!

The poor unsuccessful don’t set goals and have no idea when things should be done.

The RICH and SUCCESSFUL have a sense of urgency, they know they have to get things done!

The poor unsuccessful say, “I’ll get it done whenever!”

The RICH and SUCCESSFUL have mentors and spend money educating themselves to be better.

The poor and unsuccessful already know everything and spend money frivolously on material things with little benefit.

The RICH and SUCCESSFUL read books (non-fiction)

The poor and unsuccessful play video games.

The RICH and SUCCESSFUL take massive action today!

The poor unsuccessful are paralyzed by inaction.  They worry about failing so they never try.

So the next question is:  Which one of these groups are you in?  What kind of doctor are you?  It is not rocket science.  If you want success, go out and earn it!

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne