An Educated Staff Improves Your Practice Bottom Line

It is imperative that your staff members are on the same page that you are on when it comes to the services that you offer.  The two key areas that you want to ensure they are trained in are as follows:

  1. Supplements
  2. Laboratory Tests

As a doctor, you often times forget how much knowledge is in your head.  This common knowledge for you doesn’t always translate to your staff members.  You should set up training meetings at least once per month (more if you are just getting started in your practice) for your staff.  It is highly recommended that you take advantage of your sales reps.  For example, if you use Spectracell labs to analyze your vitamin and mineral status in your patients, contact your Spectracell representative and arrange for them to come to your office for a “lunch and learn”.

Your staff members need to be as excited about your mission as you are.  If they are on your team, they will promote you with passion.  Taking the time and effort to educate them pays off in the long run.  If they are not educated and passionate about your cause, they are just showing up for work.  Remember, that your staff is an extension of you.  They should be able to answer the questions of patients regarding the services you are providing.  They should be able to sell you and your services with ease.

Key Components to Address with Staff Members

  • Dress code should be professional and clean.  No perfumes should be used as many patients react to the chemicals in them
  • Positive weekly meetings with staff helps to improve office sales and helps them to be reminded of your office mission.
  • Bimonthly training meetings with supplement and laboratory reps helps keep your team members educated and ready to field patient questions with confidence.
  • Give positive feedback everyday.  The energy in your office will be happy and this transfers to your patients.
  • If you see a problem, address it immediately, don’t wait.
  • Hire slow – fire fast.  If you are getting ready to hire, take your time to interview properly and ensure that the person is a good fit for your office.  Training new employees is very time costly and time consuming.  The last thing that you want is to hire the wrong person, spend two months training them only to realize that they are not a good fit.

Two Staff Members That Every Office Needs

  1. Someone who is not afraid to talk about money with patients.  This is a critical job, because you will be asking your patients to spend more money up front than a typical doctors office.  This person is should be able to speak from a position of authority.  It is helpful if they are older as your patients will view an older staff member in higher esteem.  That being said, you should not break any laws or discriminate when going through the interview process.
  2. A customer service oriented employee.  This team member needs to be very patient, kind, caring, and loving with your patients.  It will be their job to field knew patient calls and questions.  You want the first impression in your office to be very positive.  This person should have the heart of a care taker.

Hiring New Employees

No one likes to go through the interview process.  It is time consuming and often times takes several interviews just to find a decent candidate.  When getting ready to hire, it is recommended that you place a job classified in Craig’s List with very specific instructions – i.e.

  1. Fax a complete resume to (your fax)
  2. On a separate cover sheet answer the following questions – What is the best phone # to reach you?  What hours are you available to work?
  3. Produce a 3 minute youtube video of yourself explaining why you would want to work in a functional medicine office.  Send the video link to (your office email address).

The point in making potential employees following very specific instructions is to pre qualify them for their ability to follow simple directions.  The video allows you to pre-interview them.  If you are not satisfied with their answer, you don’t have to spend 30 minutes interviewing them.  The steps above streamline the interview process.