New Patients on Autopilot

= The Magic New Patient Formula =

I have shared this lesson with so many doctors, that it sometimes feels redundant to repeat it here.  What you sell is NOT an impulse purchase.

In other words functional medicine clinics can’t be advertised, marketed, or promoted like most other businesses because they don’t meet the criteria for
“traditional marketing” which are…

1. The product or service is an impulse purchase

2. The product or service is under $100 dollars

What you sell is something that requires folks to make
an informed and educated decision ONLY AFTER they
know, like, and trust you.

So the not so secret, secret formula is this…

Create an Online Funnel Filter

– The essential function is this:  Capture new patient leads by offering a free report that gives the potential patients great value and helps them with a health issue.   The email capture box below basically lets them trade their email to get access to thefree report.

– Once you have delivered the report, you follow up with the new lead over the next few weeks by sending 7-10 educational emails.  This allows them to get to know you even better and become familiar with your FM philosophy.  In essence, this is where you start building a relationship.

– Now that you have established an online relationship, you are in a position to offer a low cost product.  You can start with a digital information product, a supplement that might help them feel better, etc.

Through this entire process, you have been introducing them to you and your clinic, but you have also been filtering out those leads who don’t share your health care philosophy, and developing a know, like, trust relationship with those who do.

If you are thinking that this seems like a lot of work, think again.  This funnel can be automated with the right technology.  You do the work once, and it filters and brings in highly qualified patients forever.

That’s the “Magic Formula”…

Lead capture with a free report, educate, low barrier, short term, sub one-hundred dollar product offers, followed by clinic inroduction.

And as long as you have a solid conversion process in place you’re going to get a good number of these leads to convert into log term, full price paying patients.

Committed to your success,

Dr. Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne