Marketing Your Office the Old Way – Doesn’t Work

Generation X Has Arrived

The world is shrinking, and patient marketing has changed.

Twitter, Facebook, yelp, Google, and YouTube
have made the world a smaller place.

Marketing, as we know it, has totally changed.

Going Forward, Patient Attraction is all about three things…

1. Your reputation
2. Relationships
3. Transparency

Every single person I know consults the all mighty internet for the answers to their questions.

  • Where’s the best place to eat?  Check yelp.
  • What’s the best place to vacation?  Do a Google search.
  • Where the closest dry cleaners?  And are they any good?  Check Google places.
  • Want to see a product review on the best beach cruiser?  Check YouTube.
  • Got scammed by the car service center down the road?

Let all your Facebook and twitter friends know, and then leave them a bad review on yelp and Google places, and if they REALLY burned you… make a youTube video and post it up for the world to see.

Marketing has Changed…

Yes, today marketing is totally different than ever before.  Your reputation and what people say about you determines success or failure.  Value and nurture the relationships you have with your patients and community in general.  Stay connected to your patients and community via Facebook and email broadcasts.  Be the credible medical content and value provider – position yourself as the expert.

Transparency is the new currency.

Give folks a peak into your life, your practice, and the success that your patients are getting – share case studies with your email subscribers.

It’s all one great, big, giant referral generation process.

THIS is the future of functional medicine marketing. THIS is now.

To your success,

Dr. O


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Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne