Learn to Market Yourself for Functional Medicine Success

Bad Marketing Advice

I’m not sure what’s going on with our healthcare industry these days.  Seems like lately there’s a ton of bad advice being doled out to struggling doctors trying to navigate the ever shrinking insurance re-imbursement system.  Doctors who need more patients, more compliance, more office systems, more freedom, more money, and more hope are being told that marketing and money are bad… ….that you should focus on being a better doctor and not on marketing, marketing, marketing.
The question I have – Since when was being a fantastic doctor and a great marketer mutually exclusive?  Who decided that marketing is bad and that it made you a sell out?
I have several thousand doctors on my email list, and none of them opted into my email list because they wanted to be better doctors, because  I don’t just teach about being a better doctor.  I teach about running a more profitable clinic.  To me, it’s a given that you’re a fantastic doctor, and that you care greatly for the health of your patients.

Reality Check

Being the best doctor does not make you the most successful one.
It’s not about building a better widget so they will come.  It’s about building a better widget and marketing the h*** out of it… AND THEN they will come.   NEVER be afraid to market.   NEVER balk at the idea of selling yourself or your services.

Apple makes a lot of good products.  You might be reading this email on your Apple product this very moment.

What do we know about Apple?

  1. They make superior products.
  2. Their products add value to our lives.
  3. They are THE most profitable company in the U.S.
  4. Apple has more liquid cash available than the federal government… And what else do we know about Apple?
  5. They fanatically market the hell out of their products, brands, and services. Why? Because as far as I’m concerned they have an ethical obligation to market their products to us. They have superior products.  If they didn’t market them to us, we would be stuck with second rate products.
 Thank God Apple markets heavily – they saved me from making a bad purchase decision multiple times.  Aren’t you the “Apple” of Functional Medicine doctors in your community?  You know you are. Your clients know you are. But what about your community… do they know it?  If Mrs. Smith woke up this morning ready to change her health,  YOU are the first person she should think about… …not the doctor down the street who just wants to give her pills that don’t work …not the multi level marketing product promising health restoration …and certainly not the latest cure all elixir being touted on infomercials.  YOU should be front of mind – no one else.  You have an ethical obligation to market yourself, because if you don’t, all the people you could be helping stay sick using a broken health care model or cheap supplements.
Marketing is the ONLY thing that will get you there. Everything you do is marketing… The patient testimonials you put up on your website.  The culture that you build within your practice. The referrals your patients give you because they love you.  It’s all marketing.  But those are just the tip of the iceberg.  There’s is a lot more marketing and patient lead generation you can do to build your clinic and be ultra successful.
I sent an email out with my list of the top 12 clinic building and functional medicine marketing ideas a few months ago. You can see that list here… 

How Many People Do You Want to Help?

How many people do you want to reach?  How much financial security and freedom do you want in life?  Never be afraid to market IF you consider yourself the “Apple” of all functional medicine doctors in your community. You should be out there marketing, generating leads, finding prospects, building your list, being talked about, getting referrals, and selling yourself.  In essence, SELLING LIKE A MACHINE.  Because if you’re any good at what you do, then you have an ethical obligation to sell and market your service. Otherwise your potential patients are going to waste their time, money and effort on something inferior that doesn’t deliver the results like you do.   Never be afraid, reluctant, or embarrassed to sell and market yourself or services.  Ever.
Market > Sell > Deliver Results > Repeat
Case in point – I recently had a patient come in.  After visiting 11 doctors and spending more than $20,000 for procedures, tests, and drugs that didn’t work, she was referred to a psychiatrist.  She was fed up and wanted a real answer to her health issues.  She found me because of my marketing presence online.  How many others like her are out there looking for real answers.  If you don’t market to them, who will?  How will they get the help they need if you can’t get over marketing yourself?
Committed to your success,
Dr. O
Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne