Functional Medicine Lab Science Library

Welcome to the Market Functional Medicine lab science library.  Several of the most commonly used dynamic laboratories are represented.  This library is updated on a regular basis.  If you do not see a testing procedure that you would like to know more about, please contact us at   Below you can find videos and scientific presentations explaining a variety of functional medicine laboratory tests…

Spectracell Labs –

Spectracell offers a patented functional micronutrient assay.  The test measure vitamin, mineral, and other nutritional deficiencies using lymphocyte response.  Click the link below to download a comprehensive presentation on the science behind the test.

Spectracell Download

Download a sample test report here

Food & Environmental Allergy Testing (Elisa ACT Biotechnologies)

EAB offers a lymphocyte response test to measure delayed hypersensitivity reactions.  You can learn more about the science and technology behind this test by watching Dr. Russell Jaffe’s video presentation here <<<

Click here to view a list of allergens tested.

Getting Started Guide

MFM Exclusive Lecture With EAB Founder, Dr. Russell Jaffe…

MFM Exclusive Lecture With EAB Founder, Dr. Jaffe


Doctor's DataDoctor’s Data –

Doctor’s Data laboratories offers a variety of functional medicine tests.  Their CSAP stool panel is a state of the art stool probe that can be used to detect intestinal infections.  Additionally, the test measures a variety of other helpful markers to detect malabsorption, maldigestion, inflammation, and abnormal intestinal flora.

In addition, DD offers pre and post heavy urine heavy metal testing.

Doctor’s Data Presentations, News, and Insights available here <<<


Genetic Testing For Gluten Sensitivity (Gluten Free Society)

Gluten Free Society offers genetic testing of both HLA-DQ alpha 1 and beta 1 genes to screen for gluten sensitivity.  HLA-DQ testing is the gold standard in identification of gluten sensitivity.

The Gluten Sensitivity Spectrum

real time labsMycotoxin and Mold Testing –

Real Time Labs offers urinary mycotoxin testing.  This is extremely helpful in detecting mysterious medical illness that is non responsive to diet changes.  Learn more about RTL here <<<

Home Based Mold Testing –

Sometimes your patients need to have their home or work place environments tested for mold.  The ERMI test is an excellent and affordable testing service for this.  Learn more about ERMI here <<<

Adrenal Testing –

Adrenal Stress testing is sometimes very helpful in patient care.  Diagnostechs offers a 4 point salivary cortisol test here <<<