Laboratory services in the functional medicine clinic can be broken down into two main categories:

  1. Static testing
  2. Dynamic (functional) testing

Static testing is important and can be useful to help monitor various conditions and clinical situations, but dynamic testing is the crux of a functional medicine clinic.

Lab Quick Start:

If you want to dive in and start quickly, I recommend performing baseline testing on all new patients.  This baseline consists of:

  1. Standard labs (CBC, Chem panel, UA, iron with ferritin, 25 OH D, blood typing)
  2. Vitamin and mineral analysis (Spectracell)
  3. Food Allergy testing (Elisa Act)
  4. Genetic testing for gluten (Gluten Free Society)
  5. Pre and Post Heavy Metal Testing (Doctor’s Data)
  6. Other tests can be ordered based on your patient’s presentation and history.

Some excellent resources for functional medicine labs are listed below or for more detailed info, you can visit our FM Lab Science Library Here<<<:

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