Is Functional Medicine Going Mainstream?

Paradigm Shift in Healthcare is Eminent

It is no mystery that Functional Medicine popularity is on the rise.  With the ability to use the internet, health care consumers are far more educated about their health care options that they have ever been.  I should also point out that consumer satisfaction for doctors visits is at an all time low.  A grass roots movement toward natural, “greener”, drug free interventions is underway.

Where as 20 years ago, the title of doctor held a greater esteem.  Today the title comes with a lower pedestal.  Many consumers are skeptical about medications and want to do everything in their power to avoid them.  There is a growing consensus that drugs aren’t the answer to long term health problems.  There is a growing consensus that doctors are in bed with pharmaceutical companies, and this conflict of interests is NOT okay.

That brings me to my point  – as a doctor, you should be positioning yourself to implement Functional Medicine now.  You already know that practicing this way works well and allows for the delivery of excellent quality care to your patients.  The top 3 mistakes I see doctors make are listed below.  If you are guilty of any of these, take a corrective course of action now, and position your clinic for massive success.

The Top 3 Mistakes Doctors Make

Waiting to Implement – Waiting until next week, month, or year is a bad idea.  It is a lot like any other business trend, if you wait too long, the competition saturates the market and succeeding becomes a bigger and bigger challenge.  I frequently here doctors say “The timing is just not right.”  The fact of the matter is, the timing will never be right because these doctors always find a way for it to be wrong.  For Example – this is a list of excuses I have come across –

“People in my area can’t afford Functional Medicine”,

“I don’t have enough time to spend with patients”,

“I need to get better educated before talking with my patients”.

Bottom line – these are just excuses to delay the process of implementation.  You have to be the change you want to see in medicine.  Dreaming about it won’t get you there.  Doing it will.

Lacking a System

As the old saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.  Having a system in place allows for predictable outcomes.  Many of the Functional Medicine doctors I talk to have ‘shiny object’ syndrome.  They jump around all over the place implementing a little of this and a little of that, but they never sit down and map out what they should be doing on a consistent basis to mediate a successful outcome for their practice.

Lack of Time Management

Because most doctors have an entrepreneurial spirit, they take on many hats in their office.  Doctor, office manager, janitor, inventory manager…

Although all of these jobs are important, they are not important enough for the doctor (you) to spend time on.  Failing to automate redundant tasks and outsource work to others is one of the biggest barriers to massive success.  If you spend your time performing $10 an hour tasks, you will never reach a 7 figure practice.  By the way, it takes about $343 dollars an hour (40 hour work week with no vacation time) to earn a million dollars.

My point is – focus on the things that won’t distract you from your mission.  You aren’t a janitor or manager. You are a doctor.  Control your time as if it is the most valuable asset you have.  You should never be a Jack of all trades.  You should be the best Functional Medicine doctor you can be and focus on THAT.



Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne