Infertility and Nutritional Deficiencies – Educate Your Patients

Here is a powerful clinical tool that you can use in you office to help your patients succeed with the care you prescribe…

Educating patients about what you need them to do is critical for successful care.  For example, I use a lot of different types of functional medicine labs in my office.  Before ordering these tests, I try to explain to each patient what the test is, why it is needed, and how the results can impact their treatment options.

An educated and informed patient is always more compliant.  Below is a diagram that I use for patients that come to see me for infertility.  It explains how different deficiencies can cause infertility in different ways.  Click on the picture to get the pdf file.  It comes with over 20 medical references.  Use it to help educate your patients.

Functional Medicine Education Tools

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Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne