I Am Stealing Your Patients

The great thing about practicing functional medicine is that there is never a shortage of people who need your services.   Unlike any other specialties in healthcare, competition is irrelevant because the market demand is greater than the number of doctors offering these types of services.  That is what brings me to my point of discussion.

I am stealing your patients, and I need your help.  You see, my practice is booked out for several months.  I have a long list of patients who want to be seen sooner than what my office can always accommodate.   Just this week I have spoken with new patients from 5 different states and 8 different cities (none of which were in my “backyard”).  I don’t say this to brag, but simple to make a point.  Odds are that many of you have offices near these patients, but for whatever reason, your message did not reach them.

A couple I spoke to this morning from Chicago were very frustrated at not being able to find a “good functional medicine doctor” in their area.  Now correct me if I am wrong, but Chicago is a city with millions of people and no shortage of doctors.   So why is it that they are calling me in Texas?

All that being said, I put together a list of things that you should start implementing immediately to attract these patients into your FM office.

Killer Marketing Methods

You can be the best doctor in the world, but if no one knows can find you then it doesn’t matter.  That is where marketing comes in.  I am not talking about spending thousands of dollars on TV, radio, and print ads.  I am talking about having a global presence through the use of free services like facebook, youtube, pinterest, twitter etc.  I am talking about having a newsletter that generates word of mouth across the world and brings you new patients on a consistent basis.  I am talking about getting free exposure on internet radio shows, other doctor’s blogs, speaking engagements, etc.

You see, these tools are extremely powerful at establishing your credibility as a capable doctor, but also at establishing an online following of people who are constantly hearing your message.  The more your message is heard, the more likely these people are going to become your patients and refer others to you.  About 1/3 of my new patients do not come from my home town.  They find me on the internet.  If you do not establish an online presence, you are missing out on helping a lot of people.  To get going, apply these three things first:

  1. Use youtube and facebook regularly
  2. Send out a newsletter at least once a week to your list (if you don’t know what a list is, you need to call me asap)
  3. Surround yourself with other respected experts.

Youtube and Facebook

These two websites are the most utilized resources on the internet.  You want to have a presence here because it increase your exposure in a big way.  Here is an example of the exposure that one simple post can create:

The above picture represents one post.  This simple article and image generated over 400 visitors to my website.  That’s at least 400 people that got a free education on improving their health.  That’s 400 people who now know who I am and what I do.  That’s 400 potential new patients.  Many of these visitors ended up signing up for my newsletter.  That means I can now send them information on a regular basis (this is done by using autoresponders – if you don’t know what this is, you need to call me asap).  The cost was only the time it took to write the article.

For a nice explanation of how to utilize youtube, go here <<<

Start applying today’s lesson, and you will create an online reputation that helps you generate a steady flow of new patients.  Stay tuned, I will be going into #2 and #3 above very soon.

Committed to your success,

Dr. Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne