How to Market Your Functional Medicine Practice Online

A Simple Marketing Strategy That Can Expose You to Thousands of Potential New Patients…

One of the biggest struggles new functional medicine doctors face, is marketing to new patients.  The video below outlines a very effective strategy to help increase the exposure of your functional medicine practice through internet marketing…

Marketing Your Practice For Free

Remember, marketing companies will charge you thousands of dollars per month to implement simple strategies like the one above.  I highly recommend that you or someone on your office staff learn how to implement this very simple online marketing strategy.  The quicker you get this going, the faster you will:

  1. Increase your new patient visits
  2. Increase your online email subscriber list
  3. Increase your clinic’s awareness in the community
  4. Get vital information about functional medicine into the hands of the people who need it
  5. Create a waiting list practice
  6. Join the ranks of other successful FM clinics
  7. …and most important of all, more new patients = more lives saved!

Need More Marketing Ideas For Your Practice?

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Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne