One of the “Holy Grails” of marketing is to have your practice featured on TV or major media.  That’s why I brought media expert, Clint Arthur on the podcast.  In this episode Clint and I talk about how you can take your practice to mega success by creating a celebrity like status in the functional medicine world.


The big take a ways from this interview:

  • 7 minutes – increasing patient compliance through market positioning
  • 8:30 – how a doctor filled her practice with new patients during a snow storm
  • 10:20 – an easy way to help local reporters out and land a TV appearance
  • 11:45 – putting together your media kit to get greater exposure
  • 14:30 – using photo opportunities to increase your celebrity status
  • 24:30 – How a little known doctor shot up to the New York Times best sellers list almost overnight
  • 27:30 – The celebrity snow ball effect
  • 32:50 – the guaranteed formula for getting on TV
  • 38:00 – the premier event to meet functional medicine celebrities

You can learn more about Clint by clicking here <<<

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