How Efficient is Your Office

Smart Doctors Recognize That The Old Office Model is Inefficient

If you were to analyze your practice, you would find that you have a long list of  FAQ for various conditions, diseases, supplements, prescriptions, etc.  These FAQ’s are time sucking zombies because they require that the doctor or staff answer the same question or perform the same task repetitively.

Additionally, it is not uncommon for these questions to go unanswered during busy office times.  There is a better way.  The patient and their families can benefit greatly from you if you create an archive of medical information (video, articles, etc.) that they can access online.  It can also be automated to be sent to patients via email or newsletter based on their interests.  In essence there is a way to do the work once and put it on auto pilot forever.

Technology can be leveraged to automate the content creation process and allow patients to digest the information regarding their health concerns.  It gives your office multiple contact points with the patient.  The more contact points you can have to educate your patients, the better.

Why?  It keeps them from having to go to  sites such as WebMD  or “Dr. Google“.  Communication is your most important “medical instrument” yet time pressures don’t always allow you address all of the questions a patient might have.  Big mistake.  When your patients go to Google for answers it can lead to them getting false information or contradicting information, and subsequently – Lack of Compliance.

If you are going to be the functional medicine expert, then you have to be willing, capable, and able to provide patients with pertinent health information on a very consistent basis.  Ideally, the information should match the patient’s concerns.

Doctors’ Success Hinges on the Ability to Teach

The etymology behind the word “doctor” was derived from the word ‘doctoris’ -or teacher in Latin, and is an agent noun derived from the verb docere which means to teach.  The doctors who are the best teachers are most likely to guide their patients to the best outcomes.  Better outcomes = more referrals = more financial success.

Teach Smart By Leveraging Redundancy

Your office systems should be an efficient teaching machine.  To do this you have to incorporate the right technology to keep your patients educated on relevant health topics.  The following graphic should give you a visual of how this process can work in your FM office.

Bottom line – implementing this process offers multiple benefits:

  • Saves you and your staff time and allows for greater efficiency
  • Helps to increase office passive revenue
  • Offers an excellent source of controlled and valid health information for your patients
  • Creates educated and compliant patients
  • Fosters patient appreciation


To Your Success,
Dr. O
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Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne