Hiring The Right Employee

One of the most stressful and complicated tasks of running your office, is having to find and hire the right person for the job.  Having a good staff allows you to shine at being a doctor without worrying about all of the small day to day operations.  It puts you in the Doctor Zen Zone.

Personally, I’ve had great success finding assistants and customer service team members in three places.

  1. Craigslist – It’s amazing what you can find here.
  2. Through my customer list – These people already like you, and want to be a part of your team and vision.
  3. My existing employees – My employees are already aligned with my mission and have a knack for identifying others who might be a good fit.

Regardless of the source, I have all potential employees go through a very specific process.  The following can be done to help bring in only top qualifiers for your staff positions.

  • Make all respondents to your classified ad reply by FAX, not email or phone.
  • Add in a couple of additional “treasure hunts” to weed out the incompetents.  For example, you could ask for a cover letter, a resume, and a simple task to be performed (such as researching something related to your business).  I like to have them put a very specific topic in the subject line of the fax.

You will find that many fail to follow the instructions put forth in your ad.  Many will email or call your office instead of faxing.  These are the ones you don’t want to hire.  If they cannot follow specific instructions, they will most likely be difficult to train.  Once you find and train the right person you will definitely want to keep them around for a long time – ergo…

Keys to making employees really happy are:

  • Making a mission/vision part of their work. People want to be part of something that is bigger than themselves.  If you have read my FM Blueprint, you know about my big mission.
  • Education – Give them access to the business tools that have helped you.  I have business DVD’s and books for my staff.  I have bimonthly education meetings about nutrition in my office so that my employees can learn more about the supplements we offer and why.
  • Reward Them – I offer profit sharing for my full time employees.  That way at the end of the year they can take home a percentage of their hard work.  I offer bonus incentives for meeting internal office goals as well.  And also, always remember that money is good, but thought and appreciation are equally important.

Here is a sample ad you can use when looking to hire:

Office Assistant Wanted!

We are a busy physician’s office in need of an extremely organized assistant. This is a part time position with flexible hours, students are welcome. Responsibilities include computer and administrative work; such as online customer service, as well as local errands and general support tasks. We need a positive, capable individual who can take care of business without constant supervision.

If you are a motivated, proactive candidate please fax a resume and letter of interest to xyz-abc-1234.   Please put XXXX in the subject line.  Thanks!

Remember that your employees can play a huge role in making or breaking your success.

All the best,

Dr. O

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne