Gluten Free Goes Very, Very Mainstream

Dr. Peter OsborneAre You Ready For the Onslaught of Gluten Free Questions In Your Office?

Gluten free just went very mainstream.  Dr. Oz recently went of Fox News to discuss the gluten free diet. This is a major step toward a wider recognition of gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, hypothyroidism, and other gluten related conditions. His viewership is in the millions.  If you aren’t investigating gluten sensitivity in your office with your functional medicine patients, then you are missing on the two most important elements of practice!

  1. Getting chronically sick patients better
  2. Making a good income without having to rely on insurance companies

Watch what he had to say below…

Free Multi Million Dollar Ad For Your Functional Medicine Office

If you are reading behind the lines already, you know that Dr. Oz talking about this just launched a multi-million dollar (free for you) campaign on gluten sensitivity.  The interview above was on Fox News, but he also spent an entire show (The Dr. Oz Show)  discussing this topic.  This means free advertising for you as a physician if you help you patients identify food allergies and intolerance.  If you don’t, you just lost out on a lot of free publicity.  Remember, if you practice functional medicine and treat chronic disease conditions, that gluten can play a big role in helping your patients get better.

Dr. Oz points out that gluten can be linked to bloating, hypothyroidism, migraine headache, gastric distress, autoimmune disease, brain fog, weight loss, poor sleep, and much more. He goes on to say that gluten affects nervous system chemicals.

He points out many of the hidden sources of gluten as well including:

  • Soy sauce
  • Soup
  • Make up
  • Processed foods

Additionally, he states that the gluten free diet is not dangerous for those who do not have celiac disease. This point was important because so many nutritionists have falsely talked about the danger of going on a gluten free diet.

Most Doctors Are Not Prepared On This Topic

The reality of the matter is simple.  The gluten free industry is slated to do more than 17 billion dollars over the next couple of years.  The problem of gluten sensitivity is very real and it won’t go away by ignoring it.  Patients are leaving there doctors and self diagnosing without guidance.  If you are not up to speed on this topic, it will hurt your practice and your standing with your patients.  Gluten sensitivity is being connected to hundreds of  conditions beyond celiac disease.  Many of which are extremely common.

  • Migraine headaches
  • IBS
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Joint pain
  • Hypothyroid disease… just to name a few

How You Can Become a Gluten Free Expert and Take Advantage of The Free Press and Grow Your Office…

If you are a physician or a health care provider, and you are in the dark on this issue, Gluten Free Society has created a certification program designed to help educate you on this ever expanding topic.  If you are in Houston, TX, the first class is going to be taught on Feb. 4th.  If you are serious about functional medicine, you won’t want to miss out on this.  To sign up or to get more information, you can learn more about it here <<==

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne