Functional Medicine Success Summit 5

If you have ever attended a Functional Medicine Success Summit, then you already know that no other event comes close.  FMSS 5 will be no exception.  Save the dates now.  The event is going to be February 24th-26th.

Legendary Speakers

All of our past events have been host to the top marketers, functional medicine leaders, New York Times best selling authors, award winning natural medicine film makers, and more.  As a matter of fact, our stellar list of experts have been featured on PBS, Dr. OZ, Rachel Ray, Fox News, NBC, Dr. Phil, and more.  If you haven’t been to FMSS, you have missed functional medicine celebrities like:

  • Dr. Ben Lynch – Founder of MTHFR and Seeking Health
  • Sayer Ji – Founder of the world’s largest natural medicine database – Green Med Info
  • JJ Virgin – Celebrity nutritionist and New York Times Best Seller
  • Dr. Pedram Shojai – Producer of the films, Vitality and Origins, New Your Times best selling Author, and founder of
  • Dr. Ron Grisanti – Founder of Functional Medicine University
  • …and Yours Truly – Dr. Peter Osborne – founder of Gluten Free Society and best selling author of No Grain No Pain.

Unparalleled Networking

Getting to rub elbows with other successful functional medicine doctors is invaluable.  Everyone in attendance brings something to the table they can share.  Tips of wisdom, clinical pearls, business take aways that could change your bottom line by 6 figures.  And don’t forget about the legendary cocktail receptions in my state of the art facility and clinic.  This is where you can get to know the speakers and top FM doctors intimately.

Actionable To Do List for Monday Morning

Attendees walk away with tangible and actionable items that have the power to transform the success of their practices.  This year we are also doing something new.  It’s called Implementation Day.  This is where we take the top pearls of the weekend and formulate the exact steps for you to take on Monday morning to begin building the functional medicine practice of your dreams.

One of my favorite success stories is Dr. Sachin Patel.  He is a three time attendee of FMSS, and over the three years, he has blossomed and created one of the most successful functional medicine practices in North America.

I know it’s early, and that’s why I am letting you in on a secret.  You can grab ultra Early Bird tickets now for half off.  The website isn’t even live yet, and I am only letting 20 of these early bird seats go at this price, so jump in now with the special link below.  And remember, the link expires on September 4th.

Grab your tickets here <<<

See you at the world’s best Functional Medicine practice building event!

To your success,

Dr. Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne