WARNING: The “Functional Medicine Success Academy” Is NOT for everyone. The “FM Success Academy” is only for success minded healthcare providers that are willing to put in the effort on the information I provide over the next 6 months.  You have to be passionate about functional medicine, and you have to be passionate about helping improve the lives of your patients and clients.  This is not a “get rich quick” program.  As a matter of fact, this program is not about making money.  This program is about your freedom, your passion, and transforming health care.    If you apply the information, content, and support, within this program, you will go on to create the functional medicine practice of your dreams, and the financial rewards that come with success will merely be an added bonus.  If that sounds like something you want  then continue reading because these next few months could literally TRANSFORM your practice and your life forever!

From: Dr. Peter Osborne

Date: October 29, 2014

Dear Functional Medicine Practitioner, Each month hundreds of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and other healthcare providers (just like you) from around the world use my book, online training system, and personal business coaching to teach them the same practice growth strategies that have made my clinic one of the most successful functional medicine/nutrition practices in the world. Dr. Osborne here – Founder of The Functional Medicine Success Academy with an important business message you need to read if you aren’t making the kind of money you’d like to be making in your practice, despite working very hard at trying to build it. Over the last 14 years of working “in the trenches” to grow my functional medicine practice both online and offline I formulated 12 critical and fundamental strategies and lessons that helped me quickly see more patients and earn more profit while only working 20 hours per week in my clinic. The truth is, I’ve never taught these 12 secrets before, not in sequential order, not all together in one place in a classroom setting. Why not?

From the start, I’ve reserved these business transformation secrets for my high end mastermind private clients because teaching the 6 strategies of functional medicine business development takes time. The good news is, anyone can master them, and once you do, your ability to attract the right type of patients and clients soars. You immediately take a giant leap forward in your ability to communicate effectively, talk with patients confidently, and develop a practice that has the ability to save lives while generating consistent profit month after month after month.
But the unavoidable problem is, it takes time to acquire mastery of the 12 pillars and to use them systematically together.  The reason?  Most doctors must first unlearn the common myths they have been taught as gospel about how to successfully grow a functional medicine practice.
You see, almost all doctors, nutritionists, nurses, and health coaches are using the same old-fashioned business growth techniques shamelessly still being taught by the so called experts.
Truth is, the business world has changed, and the patients you are trying to help are overwhelmed by all of the free information available at their fingertips online and confused by all of the marketing lies being sold to them by Big Business. In today’s quick-fix, pill popping and “I’ll just ask Dr. Google” world the “traditional” techniques for attracting new patients and growing a profitable functional medicine practice may still occasionally work, but if you don’t attract the right type of patients consistently, your practice and your psyche will suffer.
This is why so many functional medicine practitioners can’t seem to gain traction or profit in their business, even though the health and wellness industry is projected to become a trillion dollar industry by 2017.  With autoimmune disease, chronic illness, and obesity rates climbing year after year, and hospitals buying up many of the family practices, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to start a functional medicine practice.  The perfect storm is is here, but functional medicine success will be reserved for the practitioners who are well educated, passionate, have the heart of a teacher, and a the ability to implement a proven business model.  A business model that is designed to attract patients who are looking for functional medicine. You see, there is a big difference between attracting the people who need your help vs. those who actually want your help.
Treating those who need but don’t want your help, and won’t apply your advice is a losing battle.  So how do you find those patients and clients who both need and want your help?  Keep reading…
If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that my mission is to help 100,000,000 chronically ill patients discover the vast benefits of functional medicine by helping them find qualified functional medicine health practitioners And that is why I’ve decided to reveal the advanced secrets I’ve previously only taught to a handful of people. These 6 pillars are so effective. You will learn how to help and attract new patients,  while dramatically growing your FM practice to ultra success.

In just a moment, you’ll see multiple case studies of doctors who have worked with me in my mastermind programs, mentorship groups, and private coaching programs who have become local functional medicine “celebrities” and know how to attract a waiting list of patients, practically on demand.  But before we get into what this program can do for you, I want to talk about one of the biggest problems practitioners face.

The Big Problem Blocking Success…

YOU.  Yes, you are the biggest problem blocking your success.  Because most functional medicine doctors are fiercely independent, they want to do everything “their way”.  Look, I get it.  I made all the decisions, called all the shots.  At least until I realized that I was “reinventing the wheel” over and over again.  I lost money, time, and patients trying to figure out what had already been figured out.

I know that when my systems are implemented, success is a side effect.  The problem was that most healthcare practitioners wanting to work with me either just didn’t want to travel, or…


Here’s why – Until recently, to qualify for my private coaching programs you had to be an already super successful practitioner who was willing to invest $1000 for a day of private coaching. Or join my 7-Figure FM Mastermind program for $15,000/year (worth every penny) to gain access to my potent clinic-building strategies. My high level coaching programs are out of reach for most doctors and healthcare providers. I simply had to come up with a way to help those who weren’t able to afford me yet.

I have GREAT news for you…

…Recently, I created a solution where I can make my coaching and mentoring programs affordable enough for practically ANY doctor or FM healthcare provider – which means I can help YOU take YOUR practice to massive success!

The solution was technology.  Our number one request from doctors all over the world was to implement an online program.  At first, I was hesitant because I like teaching live and in real time.   But with modern internet technology, we were able to create a program that could be taught live and in real time.  Imagine that, for a full 12 months we’ll practically take you by the hand and show you exactly how to strategically implement the same patient growth strategies, referral generation systems, and income boosting tactics that I’ve previously only shared with my high level coaching clients. And it’s not going to cost you anywhere near the $15,000 I charge for my private coaching and mastermind programs. In fact, you’ll pay 70% less plus you won’t have the expense of travel and you won’t have to take the time away from your family.   You will get access to me, my resources, my business building swipe files, and more.  Introducing… functional medicine success academy

I’ll give you the details of the Functional Medicine Success Academy in just a second…

If you currently own a copy of The FM Blueprint ™, or subscribe to my powerful Functional Medicine Online Accelerator™, attended one of my Functional Medicine Success Summits, or simply have stumbled upon any of the cutting-edge strategies on my blog, MarketFunctionalMedicine.com, then I am 100% certain that we both can agree on this… My practice business strategies deliver MAXIMUM RESULTS IN MINIMUM TIME, which is the main reason why I am regarded as one of (if not) the best functional medicine business coaches in the world. And you can see documented evidence of this in the success stories below.

The Functional Medicine Success Academy will teach you the same business building strategies to systematically increase your profits by incorporating better marketing, supplement and lab sales, patient communication, retention, and referral generating strategies into your practice for less than $17.00 a day. However – The Functional Medicine Success Academy Is Not For Everyone! So please read what your peers have to say about my events and coaching programs – and decide for yourself if it’s right for YOU…

[testimonial3 author=”John Koziarski, M.D.” + pic=”https://marketfunctionalmedicine.com/wp-content/uploads/Dr.-Koziarski.jpg”]

“Dr Osborne’s Mastermind program was exactly the catalyst needed to jump start my functional medicine practice. As a general surgeon I have treated patients with abdominal pain for 20 years. The patients that didn’t get better with “traditional” protocols were labeled as having irritable bowel syndrome. I have now learned from Dr Osborne that the majority of these patients really have gluten intolerance. Now, I see these patients get better time and time again. However, besides the anecdotal evidence, Dr Osborne has an encyclopedic knowledge of the scientific research to back up the findings.

The medical background is only one part of the delivery of care to these patients. The other part, which is equally important but not easily spoken about, is the business acumen to be able to deliver the care utilizing a smart business model. The unfortunate truth is that without a good business model one will not have a sustainable practice in which to deliver high quality care to our patients.

Dr Osborne addresses both of these issues in a very clear and logical fashion. His coaching has guided the development of both on-line and social media presences to help educate and treat patients. Practice goals were set, and then through the frequent mentorship sessions with Dr Osborne, these goals were obtained.”


[testimonial3 author=”Dr. Arland Hill – Complete Care Wellness Center, TX” + pic=”http://info.spectracell.com/Portals/81015/images/Dr.%20Hill-resized-600.jpg”]“As a functional medicine provider, I have come to know Dr. Osborne and his efforts closely.  Rarely will you meet someone with his determination for success.  He has taken the concept of functional medicine and merged it with application based on his own clinical experience.  It is evident through his writings that he not only truly understands the field, but also understands how to overcome the all too common obstacles that many practitioners find themselves facing.  Dr. Osborne’s work provides the tools to aid any level of practitioner in becoming a sound marketer, an educator in ways most have never even considered, and a resource for patients that will have them continually returning.  The skill set which he has developed and is willing to share will teach you how to function at every level of your practice, from taking patients through an entire course of care to laying the ground work for a smooth running office.

If you are looking for a guide, or to use Dr. Osborne’s own words, a blueprint, that will place you ahead of the pack in the shifting healthcare paradigm, do yourself a favor and invest in Dr. Osborne’s work.  Learn to be the doctor that every patient finally hopes they will find while concurrently building the practice of your dreams.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Dr. Sachin Patel – The Living Proof Institute” + pic=”http://www.functionalmedicinesuccesssummit.com/images/SachinPatel.jpg”]“As a functional medicine provider, the greatest challenge I faced clinically was not addressing peoples health challenges, it was getting them in the door in the first place.  The Functional Medicine Marketing Summit was exactly what I needed to change the course of my clinical career.  With the direction of Dr Osborne’s teachings, I was able to add over 20K a month in revenue to our office and work fewer hours.  All this through strategically leveraging his ideas and concepts in marketing and communication.

Dr Osborne is a straight shooter, he tells you the truth.  His mission is to bring functional medicine to the front lines of healthcare and save millions of lives in the process.  The world needs more people like Dr Osborne to spread this invaluable knowledge to doctors that are willing the listen and implement.
I would highly encourage others to follow his teachings, and enjoy the success that follows.
The best part of it all is that I now spend more time with my wife and 3 year old son.  This to me is priceless.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you changed my (our) lives.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Drew Christensen, M.D. – Family and Functional Medicine” + pic=”http://www.functionalmedicinesuccesssummit.com/images/DrDrew.jpg”]“Dr. Osborne has been an inspiration to me. Coming from traditional medicine into a functional medicine mind set is extremely hard. Dr. Osborne has helped me see the business of medicine in an entire new light. His coaching has helped me break out of my shell and do things I never dreamed of doing before. With his help, I am able to provide functional medicine to more and more people. I am truly grateful for his patience and persistence with me!”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Joel Baumgartner, MD” + pic=”https://marketfunctionalmedicine.com/wp-content/uploads/Dr.-Baumgartner.png”]“Dr. Osborne’s Functional Medicine and Coaching programs are exactly what a practitioner who is looking to help make a difference needs. The traditional model of covering up symptoms with quick fixes that fail to address the root cause is common practice. There is a solution to help patients live the quality of life they deserve and Functional and Regenerative Medicine pave that path.  When I opened my doors I needed help with marketing, systems and Functional Medicine training in order to build a comprehensive Regenerative Medicine practice. That investment was one of the best decisions of my life. Many providers have found the same passion and excitement for Functional Medicine and are excited to run their own practice. Many fail to recognize when they take that leap to go independent is you have to learn to run a successful business. This passion can turn to a bad dream unless you’re willing to learn from someone who knows exactly how to put patients into the practice that are willing to pay cash,  how to achieve desired outcomes so patients stay and refer, and how to create systems your staff can run so you can do what you do best. Dr. Osborne has proven he can do all of the above not only for his practice but all the others I have met while working with him. Many struggle when they break free to run their own practice and this is unnecessary.  The investment in Dr. Osborne’s practice building Functional Medicine Success Academy are a no brainer and will pay for themselves a hundred times over.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Frank Tortorice, M.D. – The Diabesity Doc – San Francisco, CA” + pic=”https://marketfunctionalmedicine.com/wp-content/uploads/doctor-frank-tortorice.jpg”]“I have been in Dr. Osborne’s Mentoring Group for nearly one year and attended his Market Functional Medicine Seminar in Los Angeles last January. I have started my business conversion to Functional Medicine basically from scratch so I was at quite a disadvantage compared to other doctors who were able to grow their on line business much faster.

That being said, I am well on my way to realizing substantial growth in the next 6 months.
So wherever a doctor is along the path to a seven figure income, whether they have a strong internet presence or are brand new like me, Peter has a hands on personalized approach. He remembers small details, is patient, firm and a tremendous teacher with passion, charisma and expertise. He will be straight with you and push you to expand your boundaries. He has saved me literally months with his personalized coaching insights and I am improving each and every day under his expert guidance.
His Market Function Medicine Seminar is extremely well run. The sessions for doctors were flat out the best that I have ever attended and exactly what I needed to start my transition to Functional Medicine.


[testimonial3 author=”Nick Laszlo – Clinical Functional Nutritionist” + pic=”http://www.functionalmedicinesuccesssummit.com/images/nicklaszlo.jpg”]“

My name is Nick Laszlo and I am a Clinical Nutritionist, and my focus is on utilizing a Functional Medicine approach to nutritional therapies that seeks to treat underlying causes of ill health through the direct application of food as medicine.
Dr Osborne is a tremendous motivational speaker who inspires and instructs on the nuances and methodologies of successfully transitioning from the allopathic care model to Functional Medicine as an effective and profitable treatment modality.  Dr Osborne carefully delineated why this modality is what is best for the patient and best for the physician, especially for achieving favorable outcomes in regards to chronic disease states, such as diabesity, cardiovascular disease and hormonal dysregulation.  Dr Osborne is also extremely adept at instructing on the business side of the Functional Medicine equation and how to go about effectively marketing and managing a Functional Medicine practice.
The coaching and advice of Dr Osborne has been, I believe, invaluable to our practice and to our patients.  Dr Osborne’s step-by-step approach for transitioning to Functional Medicine is a no-nonsense practical strategy for long term success in Functional Medicine.    Dr Osborne is tremendously charismatic and well-informed.  I would not hesitate to attend any of his future masterminds, seminars, and webinars, which I highly recommend to any healthcare professional seeking to build a successful Functional Medicine practice.


[testimonial3 author=”Dr. George Moon – Moon Family Health Center- Naples, Florida” + pic=”https://marketfunctionalmedicine.com/wp-content/uploads/george-moon.jpg”]“Dr. Osborne, you have done a sterling work putting together a program that is practical and comprehensive in the application of functional medicine in clinical practice. I have been in practice 47 years and have been working in clinical nutrition and functional medicine for 37 of those years. You present a lot of wheels that will not have to be re-invented and helping us to avoid a lot of struggle.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Dr. Anthony Garbs, Mont Belvieu, TX” + pic=”https://marketfunctionalmedicine.com/wp-content/uploads/Dr.-Garbs.png”]“I attempted to introduce functional medicine protocols in my office several times, but was falling short with patient compliance.  Since implementing the information in his  Functional Medicine Blueprint, my practice has exploded!  I had no idea how many patients there are who are just frustrated with the main stream model and looking for real answers.  Thank you Dr. Osborne for helping me successfully implement a system that works so well.  My practice is booming!”[/testimonial3]


The Ideal Functional Medicine Practice…

Back in 1999 I was a struggling doctor working as a part time associate and college professor. I worked like a dog, long hours with little pay.  I lived in a rent house that was too small for my family.  The grass in the front and back yard was dying.  I had accumulated over 100,000 in debt acquiring my education.  I couldn’t afford a new car, a cell phone, a laptop computer…  I could barely afford groceries.   I was struggling because I was only making 18,000 a year with no hope for a raise.  Teaching doesn’t pay much, and the clinic I worked in did not allow me enough space to grow.

I used all of the traditional methods of advertising.  Phone book, newspaper ads, getting listed in online business directories.  I had one of those generic websites built.  I got into contracts with all the major insurance carriers, met with other doctors to discuss referral relationships… you know the drill.

Problem was, all of these efforts only worked marginally well.  My clinic saw a steady amount of patients, however; they weren’t the types of patients who wanted functional medicine services.  They wanted to pay a copay.  They wanted a quick fix.  I was trying to offer a service to people who needed help, they just didn’t want the help.  It was at this point, that I made what many would call radical changes in my marketing approach.  I went into debt to consult with some of the foremost experts in marketing.  I studied and learned from the best and brightest functional medicine doctors, business coaches, and internet marketers.

Based on these lessons, I created systems for my office, for my staff, for marketing online, for marketing offline, and for patient communication.  Within 12 months, my practice exploded, and we have never looked back.  Today, I don’t take insurance, and my practice building systems have created so much momentum, we don’t even have to advertise at all.  My practice has a 3 month waiting list, and the type of people who come to see me, want & need my services.  The bottom line – I love practicing, I love my patients, and I love the fact that following my heart and passion allows me to earn what I am worth.

Here’s How I Can Help YOU Take Your Functional Medicine Clinic To Massive Success – BUT ONLY IF YOU’RE AN ACTION TAKER…

I want you, the passionate, intelligent, and entrepreneurial functional medicine practitioner to take action and that’s why I’ve removed all financial barriers that previously may have stopped you from getting the coaching and mentoring you need to grow your practice. With this program there’s no travel costs, there are no hotel costs, no long weekends away from home, and you won’t be paying thousands of dollars to get access to me. All of that saves YOU A LOT of money. With the tactics I share with you in the Functional Medicine Success Academy, you really can build a multiple six-figure business in the next 12 months and achieve amazing results just like many of my coaching clients found on this page. If this sounds like something that interests you keep reading because I will explain all the details in just a second.


I Want You To Succeed So Much That I’ll Even Give You a 1-Day Mega-Mastermind Event Just For Taking Action Today – at no additional cost! I’m so dedicated to ensuring that the Functional Medicine Success Academy gives you the ultimate blueprint to take your practice to new heights, that I will even give you access to a live private 1-day Mega Mastermind event at my state of the art clinic on February 19th, of 2016 (at the end of the 12 month coaching program – details below). I’m doing this because I’m confident that after you achieve another level of success in your practice, you will be inspired to continue your success by joining the ranks of my elite FM Mastermind Program.

Here’s How This Whole Thing Works…

Like I said, you’d pay more than $1,000 for a day of private group coaching with me and right now there’s a three-month wait period for it. And if you wanted to join my 7-Figure Formula Mastermind Group you’d pay $15,000 for the year. But you won’t pay anywhere near that for the Functional Medicine Success Academy. In fact, for the small investment of less than $17 a day for the next 12 months you’ll receive access to me, my protocols, and the bonuses down below…

Okay, here’s what you get when you join the Functional Medicine Success Academy today.

1. Monthly Webinar – In each webinar, I will give you my best functional medicine business strategies that you can use to take your income to six-figures and beyond. The major points I will focus on will be high-level marketing techniques, patient communication strategies, and referral generation systems to help you attract and retain FM patients who want and need your help. Each live webinar will give you the step-by-step process to help flood your practice, and will end with a question and answer session with me.

Each webinar class is structured so that you can take immediate action the next day.  Each class will have accountability assignments for you to work on, before the next webinar.  The whole series is designed to for you to follow sequentially so that each month you can come to the table having implemented the strategies from the month before.

Here is a month to month breakdown:

Webinar 1: The Functional Medicine Model – This presentation is a must as it breaks down where to start and what to focus on as you begin the program.

Webinar 2: The New Patient Experience – This webinar teaches the fundamentals of patient communication including automation systems, what to say and what not to say during the first visit, and what you should be doing so that every patient walking away from day one is blown away and ready to start care.

Webinar 3: Patient Acquisition and Marketing – We cover how to use online and offline marketing systems to help grow your practice fast.  This webinar will give you the right tools but will also teach you what not to do in your marketing efforts.

Webinar 4: Office Systems and Staff Training – Ever wonder how to find good employees?  This webinar breaks down how to find the right people for your office.  Additionally, we break down phone scripts (what to say and what not to say on the phone), how to answer patient FAQ’s, and essential office systems to save on time, overhead, and improve patient experience.

Webinar 5: Patient Compliance & Follow Up – This webinar breaks down how you should structure patient follow up appointments, how to do group appointments and get paid, generating new patient referrals, and much more.

Webinar 6: Online Monetizing – From creating a functional website that works overtime for your office to creating affiliate relationships to build passive revenue, this webinar simplifies the complexities of online marketing and product sales.

Webinar 7: Setting up successful email communications – What’s an autoresponder?  You will know what they are, how to use them, and how to maximize communication, sales, and customer satisfaction by leveraging technology.

Webinar 8: Breaking Down The Labs Part 1 – How to communicate to your patients to improve follow through and compliance + protocols (Gluten, Food & Environmental Allergies)

Webinar 9: Breaking Down The Labs Part 2 – How to communicate to your patients to improve follow through and compliance + protocols (Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies)

Webinar 10: Breaking Down The Labs Part 3 – How to communicate to your patients to improve follow through and compliance + protocols (Gastrointestinal and chemistry labs)

Webinar 11: Breaking Down The Labs Part 4 – How to communicate to your patients to improve follow through and compliance + protocols (DNA Methylation and Heavy Metals)

Webinar 12: Networking with your peers and colleagues – The Ultimate Weapon For Long Term Practice Success

If You Register for the 2015 Success Academy, I am Throwing in $4500 in additional bonuses…

2. A copy of my Functional Medicine Blueprint (with audio download) and Access to my online practice accelerator –  Both will help with… 1. Clarity… 2. Accountability… and 3. Action, so that you never feel stuck, alone, or unsure about your next action step.  When you consider the fact that my 7-Figure Formula Mastermind members pay me $15,000 a year to work directly with me, and a single day of coaching will cost you $12,000 it’s easy to see that your small investment of $497 a month to join the Functional Medicine Success Academy really is a bargain. Valued at over $1000

3. Email Access and Support – You will get direct email access to my assistant, Casey.  She can answer your simple questions and help keep you on tract throughout the course.  This will help give you direction, and accountability you need to accelerate your practice to the multiple six-figure level and beyond.

4. Access to a One Day Private Mastermind Meeting In February 2016 – At the end of the 12 month FM Success Academy you’ll get access to a one day private mega mastermind day with me in my state of the art clinic in beautiful Sugar Land, TX. It’s scheduled for February 19th, 2016 so mark your calendar.  Valued at $1200

5. A Premium Listing in our online Functional Medicine Database – www.MyFunctionalMedicineDoctor.org will feature your practice and contact information, and because my team helps optimize this website, you will have increased exposure to those patients seeking out functional medicine practitioners.

6. Free Access to my 10 Hour Post Graduate Gluten Free Society Practitioners Class – this online certification puts you on the forefront of doctors and health care providers.  Once you complete this 2 part course, you will be listed in my special provider database online.  This site is optimized to help people find providers with an expert level knowledge on gluten sensitivity.  Currently we receive 100,000 + visitors each month.  Valued at $500

7. Access to My Special Interview with Dr. Ben Lynch – Dr. Lynch is the founder of MTHFR.net and Seeking Health.  He sells more supplements per month than any other doctor I know.  He is Xymogen’s #1 client, and he let me spend an hour with him so that I could get all his top success secrets for building a functional medicine pharmacy.  Valued at $350

8. Access to my Facebook Expert, Dr. Matthew Loop’s Summit Talk – I invited Dr. Loop to present at the Functional Medicine Success Summit in California.  He knows more about attracting qualified new patients using facebook than anyone else.  He is my go to guru for all things facebook, and his talk will give you more tools to dominate the competition.  Valued at $397

9. Access to a Private Facebook Forum – All of our students will be able to communicate with each other on our private facebook group.  Together, you can share successful ideas, advice, and help each other while going through the course.

10. Lifetime Access to All Webinar Recordings – Can’t make one of the dates or want an encore of the webinars?  No problem.  My team will set you up with lifetime  access to all of the webinar recordings.

If you’ve ever wanted me to personally teach you the same business building strategies that have been indispensable  for some of the most successful functional medicine clinics in the country, then you have no excuse not to join the Functional Medicine Success Academy.  For less than $17 a day (that’s half of the profit you make from the sale of a bottle of multi vitamins), you get access to me and my tried and true functional medicine practice building systems.  Envision your practice 12 months from now after having  guidance and direction.  Can you imagine how successful you will be if you take action on this step by step program?  Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Don’t make the same mistakes I and so many others have made by trying to figure it all out on your own.  Most doctors spend dollars to chase pennies.  Don’t be like most doctors! If you’re an action taker, you can increase your FM practice to the multi six-figure level and beyond over the next 12 months, if you just follow the step-by-step action plan I create and give you.  Otherwise you can continue to keep doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll keep getting the same results that you’ve been getting.


I’m Committed To Guiding You Every Step Of The Way To Make Sure You Achieve Your Goals…

Whenever you have a question or need advice about anything related to your FM practice, both Casey and myself are with you every step of the way. This includes questions related to: • Creating Supplement Protocols to Improve Your Patient Outcomes • Systemizing Your Lead Generation Strategy So You Attract Qualified New Patients Into Your Practice • Creating Compelling Health Presentations That Positions You As An Expert In Your Community• Systemizing Your Referral Process So That People Beg To Become Your Patients • Maximizing The Size Of Your Transactions By Expanding Your Up Front and Back End Sales Process • And Even Showing You Exactly How To Create A Turn-Key Business That Operates On Systems If you haven’t gotten the picture yet, there is nothing that we will not do to help you achieve your business goals… …And because we’re so committed to your success we’re generously offering you millions of dollars worth of expertise for a measly $16.56 a day!

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE – You Must Agree To These 3 Conditions Before Getting Started:

1. This special offer is for your eyes only, no sharing – Under no circumstances may you share this special offer with any friends, colleagues, co-workers or anyone else you know. This offer is only available to the select group of providers who I have personally invited, so please respect the fact that I do not wish to extend this special offer to anyone else.

2. You must agree to keep email contact within reason, NO HARASSMENT – Casey has agreed to put aside time to help answer your simple questions and guide you through our resources.  However; if you’re some raving lunatic who is going to email her 10+ times a day about some foolish idea that doesn’t make any sense, then PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THE FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE SUCCESS ACADEMY!

3. You must agree to implement what we teach you and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION – Both myself and Casey will guide you step-by-step to six-figure success by providing you with everything you need to know to run a profitable FM practice. Upon acceptance into our program, we will equip you with a detailed blueprint over the next six months that is specifically designed to accelerate your practice to the multiple six-figure a year mark complete with all the tools you need to attract and retain loyal, qualified patients and clients who can actually afford your services and will refer you new business. Remember this, none of these things will happen for you simply by enrolling in our program, you must commit to taking action and applying the strategies and systems that we give you in order to secure your success.

When Does The Functional Medicine Success Academy Begin?

The next start date for the FMSA takes place on March 26th with your coaching webinar and Q and A with me, Dr. Peter Osborne.  After each webinar we will have a special QnA session followed by homework assignments to keep you on task.  Then each month, I’ll host another private coaching webinar where I’ll give you more new patient generating strategies, retention strategies, fundamental labs and supplement companies to use, and business boosting strategies and tactics for you to deploy.  By this point, you probably agree that the Functional Medicine Success Academy is a good fit for you, so all that’s left to do is to make the decision to commit to taking massive action by choosing one of the options below…

When you enroll in the Functional Medicine Success Academy today, here’s what will happen next.

It’s a simple three-step process…

Step One: Once you register for FMSA you will be contacted by Casey Todd, she’ll be the coaching program concierge over the 6 months. Casey will set you up with access to the monthly webinar login link and  give you access to the resources I’ve created for you.

Step Two: On Thursday, March 26th, we’ll hold the first coaching webinar and this is where you’ll get instant access to new marketing systems, a step-by-step process, and we’ll do an open Q & A session. Don’t worry, if you can’t make it to the webinar, we’ll record it for you and make it available to you.

Step Three: You will get an email from me with your Action and Accountability steps to make sure that you put the systems and strategies I give you into action and get results. Now, if you’re a success minded FM provider that is willing to systematically increase your profits by applying our proven marketing, sales, retention, and referral generating tactics into your business over the next 12 months then you just can’t fail.

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