Clinical Pearls to Building a More Successful Practice

In this webinar, you will learn proven systems to help improve patient communication, compliance, and referrals.  These elements are a critical backbone of any practices long-term success.  Enjoy…

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    6 replies to "Functional Medicine Marketing 101"

    • Paula Carper

      I am so sad that I missed your event a few weeks ago!

    • Alexander Leybovich

      I’ve always wanted to learn FM, but I don’t have any training and do not know where and how to start.
      Would love to come to your Symposium when I’m knowlegable enough, unless you tell me that is right for me even in the stage of knowlege for FM that i’m in now.
      Dr.Alexander Leybovich
      Richardson, TX

      • Dr. Peter Osborne Dr. Peter Osborne

        Hey Doc,
        Do both. I highly recommend you check out Functional Medicine University (Dr. Grisanti’s program) for the clinical. Come to FMSS now so you can start planning your success road map.
        All the best,

      • Dr. Peter Osborne Dr. Peter Osborne

        Hey Doc,
        Check out Functional Medicine University for the clinical side. …And come to FMSS now to start mapping out your success.

    • Pamela Demarest

      Hi Dr. Osborne!
      Yes, I agree! Folks want to challenge all info with little or no knowledge. They do not ask questions. This is my red flag. They want to be right and I can say, they are right fighters. I close the relationship by commenting: “Then just be sick.” I then go my way. I have no desire to continuously convince them. A waste of valuable time. If a person complains to me and I offer very simple information, if they immediately want to argue, I pull back and just listen. I make the decision right then, not to answer their questions about their health issues again. Most of them are attention seeking anyway. Just being blunt here. I am so happy to hear you address this very issues I have struggled with. You are very kind here and I know you must be professional. I am straightforward with them after they have kept me on the phone for hours and hours.

      I know where I came from in 2014. I know where I am now. I have had zero issues with an irritible bowel in several years now. I do need to reorder supplements. I have felt well with just my diet. However, I do not want to go to a deficiency with B vitamins or nutrients. Right now, I cannot come in for another Cyrex test. Still dealing with Jon and his financial abuse.

      I wanted to mention to you. Houston has a Women of Distinction event for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation every year. I would love to see you be a part of this event held in the early part of the year. They contacted me back in 2015 and wanted to interview me. I do not know where they got my name. I had separated from Jon and could not expend any energy. I will be contacting them and discussing my idea and sharing information about my journey. It is a fundraising event and I think you would be the highlight of the evening. The 2020 event would allow enough time to plan for this event.

      You are doing a super job! So very proud of you and all your efforts, to indeed bring good health to so many who have suffered for years and years.

      My girlfriend in Hot Springs, AR has benefited from making just a few changes. She is doing well! She experienced the most horrible side of Crohn’s. We were actually roommates back in the ’80s. She was diagnosed after she left Arkansas. One year later, I was diagnosed. Over the years, I found documentation addressing milk and a bacteria called turbuculosis mycobacterium (spelling not sure right now) as being the cause. I then related maybe Cindy and I drank the same milk. What’re the chances of both of us being diagnosed within a year of each other!?

      Gonna check this event out and hopefully, I will be able to attend. I am considering the possibility of making a new career in this field. I have had to adjust to life in many ways. Lots of opportunities. Maybe not my own practice, but assist in practice. I used to assist seeing patients for a high-risk cardiac surgeon for less medical issues and free up his time to focus on more serious issues. I would feel comfortable in this role.

      Wish me good luck! 🙂

      I now live in Huntsville. Got out of Houston!

      Kindest regards,

      Pamela Demarest

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