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The FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE SUCCESS ACADEMY Provides the Exact Blueprint to Take Your Functional Medicine Business to Maximum Success in Minimum Time.

"I'm really happy with the pearls and guidance that I've gotten from FMSA and I'm looking forward to bringing new resources into my practice. "  

Dr. Shayna Peter, NMD,CNS,LDN

Unlock The Blueprint to Your Dream Practice

10+ easy to follow videos that show you EXACTLY how to set up the business side of your practice for maximum success.

The single most important thing to excite passion and empower a movement in your community.

Dozens of templates improve patient education and compliance.

and much more! (see the list below)

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Dear Functional Medicine Practitioner,

Do you know how to run a business? 

I mean REALLY run a business? 

Or do you feel like you're guessing your way through the business side of your practice? 

Sure, you KNOW how to be the doctor... 

And you KNOW how to help your patients...  

But if you're anything like me when I graduated from College and started practicing, I knew NOTHING about running a business. 

And I made LOTS of mistakes. 

Now, it’s one thing to make a mistake that costs you time…and many of my early mistakes were time based.  

Spending too much time doing charts...  

Watching hours disappear while repeating myself by answering the EXACT same "what are your office hours?" type questions over and over again. 

And those was only some of the time mistakes I made. 

But other mistakes cost me money.  

A few cost me a hundred dollars...  

And others? 

Well, let’s say I try not to make too many 4 and 5-figure mistakes anymore. 

All those mistakes had an impact on my bottom line and the success of my practice. 

To put it bluntly - when I made those mistakes, my practice suffered.  

Hi. My name is Dr. Peter Osborne and over the last 18 years I learned how to run a very successful practice. 

I learned processes, protocols, and strategies that made my clinic one of the most successful functional medicine/nutrition practices in the world.  

And every month hundreds of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and other healthcare providers (just like you) from around the world use my books, online training systems, and personal business coaching to teach them the same practice growth strategies that turned my practice from barely surviving to outright thriving.  

And I'm here with an important business message you need to read.

If you aren’t making the kind of money you’d like to be making in your practice...  

Despite working very hard trying to build it... 

Or if you feel like you're working so much you might drown just trying to keep up... 

Then I've got great news for you.  

You see, the success of your practice comes down to 10 fundamental strategies.

These 10 fundamental strategies helped me quickly see more patients and earn more profit while only working 30 hours per week in my clinic.  

The truth is, I’ve never taught these 10 lessons before.  

At least not in sequential order.  

And not all together in one place.  


From the start, I’ve reserved these business transformation secrets for my private, high end Mastermind clients. Because teaching the 10 strategies of functional medicine business development takes time.  

The good news is anyone can master them, and once you do, your ability to attract the right type of patients and clients soars! And you immediately take a giant leap forward in your ability to: 

  • Communicate effectively  
  • Talk with patients confidently 
  • Develop a practice that has the ability to save lives  
  • AND generate consistent profit month after month after month  


But the unavoidable dilemma is that it takes time to acquire mastery of these 10 strategies and to use them systematically together.  

The reason it takes so long?  

Most doctors must first unlearn the common myths they "know" about business. 

You see, almost all doctors, nutritionists, nurses, and health coaches are using the same old-fashioned business growth techniques that are still shamelessly being taught by the so called 'experts'.  

Truth is, the business world has changed.  

Because the patients you are trying to help are overwhelmed by all of the free information available. Much of it at their fingertips online.  

In today’s quick-fix, pill-popping, “I’ll just ask Dr. Google” world, the “traditional” techniques for attracting new patients fail. Every.Time.  

And if you don’t attract the right type of patients consistently, your practice and your psyche will suffer.  

This is why so many functional medicine practitioners can’t seem to gain traction or profit in their business. Even though the health and wellness industry is a trillion dollar industry. 

Be assured, the right time to start a functional medicine practice is NOW! 

With more and more Americans suffering from Autoimmune diseases, Chronic illness, and Obesity than ever before, and while hospitals are buying up many of the family practices...  

The perfect storm is here! 

But functional medicine success is reserved for the practitioners who are:  

  • well educated 
  • passionate 
  • have the heart of a teacher  

AND, the ability to implement a proven business model.  

A business model that is designed to attract patients who are looking for functional medicine.  

You see, there is a big difference between attracting the people who need your help vs. those who actually want your help.  

Treating those who need, but don’t want your help, and who also won’t apply your advice, is a losing battle. So how do you find those patients and clients who both need and want your help?  

I'll get to that in a moment. But first…  

If you have followed me for any length of time, you may know that my mission is to help 100,000,000 chronically ill patients discover wellness. A TRUE wellness that shows them the vast benefits of functional medicine. 

But here's the kicker. I can't do it alone. 

I need your help to meet this goal. Because in order to help that many people I need to help them find qualified functional medicine health practitioners. 

And that is why I’ve decided to reveal the advanced secrets I’ve previously only taught to a handful of people.  

Because the reality is...  

The Biggest Problem Blocking Success...

is YOU

Yes, you are the biggest obstacle to your success. Because most functional medicine doctors are fiercely independent, they want to do everything “their way”.  

Look, I get it. I made all the decisions, called all the shots. At least until I realized that I was “reinventing the wheel” over and over again.  

I lost money, time, and patients trying to figure out what had already been figured out. 

And all that frustration could have been avoided...  

or at the very least reduced if I followed the advice of a business coach. 


Business coaching typically requires a lot of money, time, and travel.

Until recently, to qualify for my private coaching programs you had to already be a super successful practitioner. 

A practitioner who was willing to invest $1000 for a day of private coaching.  

Or join my 7-Figure FM Mastermind program for $18,000/year. 


Because I wanted to be sure that I shared my knowledge with people who were serious about implementing the strategies. Practitioners who were serious about building the practice of their dreams.  

And that made my high level coaching programs out of reach for most doctors and healthcare providers.  

So I decided to come up with a way to help those who weren’t able to afford one on one time with me yet.  

You see, many doctors didn't want to take the time away from home or their practices. 

Because they believed time away = lost revenue. 

If you've ever wondered how I built my Dream Practice.... 

Or how I help other practitioners build their Dream Practice...  

I have GREAT news for you.

I recently spent 4 weeks revamping a solution where I can make my coaching and mentoring program available for ANY doctor or Functional Medicine healthcare provider. 

Which means I can help YOU take YOUR practice to massive success! 

And here's the best part... 

I give you the foundational knowledge you need to grow a successful, THRIVING functional medicine practice. 

This is the same information I REQUIRE all my Mastermind members to know and implement in their business before I'll accept them into the Mastermind. 

In fact, I practically take you by the hand and show you exactly how to strategically implement the same:  

  • patient growth strategies, 
  • referral generation systems, 
  • and income boosting tactics 

...that I’ve previously only shared with my high level coaching clients.  

And it’s not going to cost you anywhere near the $18,000 I charge for my private Mastermind program.  

Plus you won’t have the expense of travel... or have to take the time away from your family. You will get access to me, my resources, my business building protocols, and more.  



Everything You Need to Grow Your Dream Practice - Guaranteed

The Functional Medicine Success Academy teaches you the EXACT business building strategies to systematically increase your profits by: 

  • Incorporating better marketing
  • Adding Supplement sales
  • Increasing Revenue with Lab packets
  • Automating Patient Communications
  • Getting paid for the products you already recommend
  • Supercharging Patient Retention
  • Referral Generating Strategies
  • And so much more...

The business strategies we discuss deliver MAXIMUM RESULTS IN MINIMUM TIME.

The Success Academy is PERFECT for ANYONE wishing to add Functional Medicine to their practice.

Our students range across all aspects of medical disciplines including:

  • Chiropractors 
  • Medical Doctors
  • Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Health Coaches
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners
  • Nutritionists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Doctors of Oriental Medicine
  • Brick and Mortar Practices
  • Virtual Practices
  • Full-Time Practitioners
  • Part-Time Practitioners
  • Students of Functional Medicine
  • Anyone interested in building their DREAM PRACTICE

And most importantly.... YOU!

Success Story!

"I was able to add over 20K a month in revenue to our office and work fewer hours."

“The greatest challenge I faced clinically was not addressing peoples health challenges, it was getting them in the door in the first place. With the direction of Dr Osborne’s teachings, I was able to add over 20K a month in revenue to our office and work fewer hours. All this through strategically leveraging his ideas and concepts in marketing and communication.  

Dr Osborne is a straight shooter - he tells you the truth. His mission is to bring functional medicine to the front lines of healthcare and save millions of lives in the process. The world needs more people like Dr Osborne to spread this invaluable knowledge to doctors that are willing the listen and implement.  

I would highly encourage others to follow his teachings, and enjoy the success that follows.  

The best part of it all is that I now spend more time with my wife and 3 year old son. This to me is priceless.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you changed my (our) lives.” 


The Living Proof Institute

Success Story!

"We have seen our practice grow 10x and many new goals attained."

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to rave about such a admirable person! 

I am so grateful to Dr. Osborne for mentoring my husband and holding him accountable for such great aspirations! We have seen our practice grow 10x over and many goals attained- like a book being published!  

Dr. Osborne has the knowledge, connections and passion to help elevate you and make your dreams come true! 

His guidance helped my husband to be clear on his intentions, follow thru and in turn help more people get healthy by working smarter and not harder! Which means we have more family time! 

I believe anyone who hopes to make a difference in the world and have the freedom to enjoy life should be coached by someone who does just that.

Thank you Dr. Peter Osborne from the bottom of my heart!  

- Dawn Wicks Rofrano


The Functional Medicine Success Academy consists of 10 Modules that make up your CORE PRACTICE BUSINESS FOUNDATION. Each component is designed to help you create a patient experience that builds lasting trust and MASSIVE results...

Module 1a

How to create the precursor to your successful practice.

In this module you'll learn:

  • The benefits of just getting started, and why perfection is the single biggest thing holding you back from achieving your goals (3:39)
  • The 5 questions to ask yourself before you go another day in your practice.
  • How to build a team to support your mission (26:47)
  • The single most important thing to excite passion and empower a movement in your community. 

Module 1b

The 10 pillars of Functional Medicine Success

In this module you'll learn:

  • The opportunity sweet spot for Functional Medicine doctors (Note: Americans are ripe for your services if you focus in this sweet spot.) (2:53)
  • 6 Business books to read and implement into your business to jumpstart your success.
  • An insider tip to making sales without feeling like a pushy salesman.
  • The public perception of doctors you NEED to take on to break through and create your dream practice (30:57)

Module 2

How to fill your practice with patients. The fundamental strategies to build your functional medicine practice.

In this module you'll learn:

  • The specific types of marketing strategy you should focus on depending on where you are in your business (4:14)
  • The “NPES method” to cultivate patients over time that you should start NOW. And will set you apart from other doctors in the eyes of your patients.
  • 8 real life examples of the “LEF short game method” to drive prospective patients into your practice (19:34)
  • The MOST EFFECTIVE practice growth strategy used to build my practice, and how you can create the same success for your practice.

Module 3

How to build the right team to grow your functional medicine practice.

In this module you'll learn:

  • Why hiring for skill set is the WORST reason to hire someone.
  • The MOST CRITICAL role you can hire for your practice. (Note: if you get this wrong your practice will suffer and your patients will find other options for care.)
  • The simple filter to decrease patient cancellations and only schedule quality, interested patients. (19:38)
  • The two biggest time wasters most doctors make and how you can avoid those mistakes and save nearly 10 hours a week!

Module 4

Communication skills to ensure patient compliance, education, and satisfaction

In this module you'll learn:

  • The top priority of any functional medicine practice (1:25) 
  • How filtering and deterrents can create the most compliant patients
  • The 13 important pieces of the patient’s first visit (Skipping even one of these can spell disaster for return appointments). (10:57)
  • How to avoid the “Price-Shopper” trap and discourage your patients from bringing in labs they’ve piecemealed together. (30:51)

Module 5

How to communicate with your patients to improve compliance

In this module you'll learn:

  • The “C3 cycle” that contributes to the long-term success of your practice. (2:04)
  • The SINGLE most effective protocol to increase patient close rate from 60% - 90% - A Case Study (9:53)
  • Uncover the psychology of patients AND doctors to breakthrough the common blockers of success. 
  • The 5 failproof items you can create to make patient education simple, easy, and available. 

Module 6

How to generate revenue from your website and email communications

In this module you'll learn:

  • The 6 pillars of organization that allows Dr. Osborne to accomplish everything in 40 hours or less a week. (11:16)
  • 7 simple ways to grow your email list for online monetization (14:01)
  • How to sell without selling while building trust in your readers and raising awareness of your clinical services.
  • 8 powerful videos styles that help skyrocket your authority and simplify the process of educating your perfect audience.

The Last 4 Modules Breakdown Lab Results To Give You A Solid Step Off Point In Your Practice

Module 7

How to break down the labs to evaluate nutritional deficiencies.

In this module you'll learn:

  • The 5 fundamental and 9 as needed labs to request for your patients to understand where they are in nutrition.
  • The “barter cycle” that sets your patients up for failure and how to avoid it. (1:32)
  • Deep dive clinical insight into 13 symptoms and their possible nutrient deficiencies. (7:01)
  • A comprehensive look at the vicious cycles your patients may fall into because of past experience and the current medical model. (17:12) 

Module 8

How to break down the labs to evaluate gluten sensitivity, food, & environmental allergies

In this module you'll learn:

  • How to deliver the message of lab results to your patients so they understand the care and treatment directions you provide them.
  • How to structure the meetings or appointments to discuss gluten sensitivity with your patients (7:45)
  • The 7 components to discuss when you explain allergies to your patients. 
  • How to uncover the hidden triggers of allergies and sensitivities that other doctors may not think to check for.

Module 9

How to break down the labs to investigate gastrointestinal issues

In this module you'll learn:

  • A refresher crash course in GI function and how it relates to your patient’s health. (2:30)
  • The 5 surgical histories you need to know about your patients to help you understand the health of their gut. (16:17) 
  • The embarrassing questions you should be asking to understand your patient’s gut health.
  • The “Protocol Side-effect Method” that increases patient compliance and allows your patients to get better faster. 

Module 10

How to break down the labs to report Heavy Metal Toxicity

In this module you'll learn:

  • How “Doctor’s orders” help you establish authority and minimize non-compliant patients while increasing your ability to properly determine the root cause of your patient’s health issues.
  • The 23 symptoms of Mercury exposure and how to recognize when your patients may have mercury toxicity
  • The 5 fundamental components to discuss when talking with your patients about heavy metal toxicity. (19:37)
  • The fail-proof approach for patient compliance that increases understanding and return patient visits. (19:39) 

PLUS 2 Bonus Modules:

Bonus Module #1 

How to Deliver a Presentation That Has People Running to Your Office

Bonus Module #2:

How to Build Your Nutritional Supplement Pharmacy 

Enroll Now and You'll Also Get These


Enroll Now and You'll Also Get These

Digital access pass to the Dream Practice Success Summit

The Dream Practice Success Summit is the ONLY place for Doctors to get REAL BUSINESS INFORMATION. Every other summit or conference out there teaches you how to do your job... But NOTHING teaches you about the BUSINESS side of running a successful practice like the Dream Practice Success Summit.  

(Value $997)

Included with The Functional Medicine Success Academy!

Live Office Video: New Patient / Client Appointment

Follow Dr. Osborne and his staff on a LIVE new patient office visit. You get behind the scenes access to the PERFECT PATIENT EXPERIENCE. When done correctly, the first New Patient Appointment creates long lasting, compliant patients. Patients that get RESULTS and help grow your business with referrals.

(Value $359)

Included with The Functional Medicine Success Academy!

Live Office Video: Patient / Client Follow Up Appointment

Follow Dr. Osborne and his staff on a LIVE patient follow up office visit. You get behind the scenes access to the PERFECT FOLLOW UP EXPERIENCE. The follow up is where you position your care as a set of directions... NOT as a piecemeal buffet the patient gets to choose from.

(Value $359)

Included with The Functional Medicine Success Academy!

Live Office Video: Patient / Client Checkout Process

Follow Dr. Osborne and his staff on a LIVE patient checkout process. Learn EXACTLY how Dr. Osborne and his staff close 90% of patients for care WITHOUT compromising on payment. Which helps you establish the best opportunity to find and fix your patient's health issues.

(Value $359)

Included with The Functional Medicine Success Academy!

Gluten Sensitivity Certification: 10 Hour Post-Graduate Gluten Free Society Practitioner's Class

This online certification puts you on the forefront of doctors and health care providers. Once you complete this 2 part course, you will be listed in a special Gluten Free Certified provider database online. The database currently receives 100,000 + visitors each month. 

(Value $1200)

Included with The Functional Medicine Success Academy!

Copy of The Functional Medicine Blueprint

The E-book that started it all. The Functional Medicine Blueprint is in both digital and audio format. With more than 231 downloads since it was first created the blueprint is the Gold Standard in creating a THRIVING Functional Medicine Practice.

(Value $99)

Included with The Functional Medicine Success Academy!

Premium Listing on is THE go-to resource for patients seeking Functional Medicine care. You get a PREMIUM LISTING that features your practice and contact information. Get noticed by the patients in your area as well as those searching out your specific expertise!

(Value $499)

Included with The Functional Medicine Success Academy!

Access to EXCLUSIVE Private Facebook Group

All students of the Functional Medicine Success Academy have access to the exclusive Private Facebook Group. This is the perfect place to share your wins with other practitioners as well as communicate with other students. Together, you can share successful ideas, advice, and help each other while going through the course. You also have the ability to contact Dr. Osborne or a member of the "Success Team" to get your course specific questions answered.

(Value $948)

Included with The Functional Medicine Success Academy!

EXCLUSIVE Access to Dr. Matthew Loop's Facebook Advertising Presentation

Dr. Loop is the foremost expert in attracting qualified new patients through Facebook. In this talk he gives real, actionable information that you can use in your practice immediately. Dr. Loop is my go-to guru for all things facebook, and his talk will give you more tools to dominate the competition.

(Value $150)

Included with The Functional Medicine Success Academy!

Total Value: $10468

This would be a STEAL even at the $10,000 price point. But you don't have to spend that much. 

The first version of this course was available for $5,500. And that is a bargain for everything you get. 

But I don't want to just give you a bargain. 

I want to make sure you think this is a NO BRAINER.

You get EVERYTHING for the low investment of $1997!





"There is no single secret to success. There are systems to success, and success leaves clues. The first clue is that successful practitioners, colleagues, friends, and mentors of mine ALL pay to have coaches and mentors of their own. 


So that they can time collapse the time, and also acquire the knowledge, it would take to test, struggle, and course correct their business from where it is to where they know it could be. There will always be some growing pains while building a practice you love, but with the systems, tactical strategies, and mentorship in the Success Academy, you WILL accelerate your success.  

You already know that Dr. Osborne has one of the most successful Functional Medicine practices in the world, but you may not know that he is the mastermind behind so many more. Implementing the systems, strategies, and sage advice from Dr. Osborne over the past few years has helped me take my practice from struggling, to six, multiple six, and then seven figures - while working less each year!  

More importantly, I am now working in a practice each day that I truly enjoy, while having a positive impact on thousands of lives each year. "


Rejuv Medical Southwest

"Being a member of Dr Osborne’s Functional Medicine Success Academy and Mastermind Program is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  

I had been in practice for over 30 years and by applying what I learned from Dr. Osborne, I was still able to dramatically increase my practice and the impact I’ve made on others.  

I highly recommend his program!"


Natural Medicine Clinic, FL

“As a functional medicine provider, I have come to know Dr. Osborne and his efforts closely. 

Rarely will you meet someone with his determination for success. He has taken the concept of functional medicine and merged it with application based on his own clinical experience. It is evident through his writings that he not only truly understands the field, but also understands how to overcome the all too common obstacles that many practitioners find themselves facing

Dr. Osborne’s work provides the tools to aid any level of practitioner in becoming a sound marketer, and educator in ways most have never even considered, and a resource for patients that will have them continually returning. 

The skill set which he has developed and is willing to share will teach you how to function at every level of your practice, from taking patients through an entire course of care to laying the ground work for a smooth running office.

If you are looking for a guide, or to use Dr. Osborne’s own words, a blueprint, that will place you ahead of the pack in the shifting healthcare paradigm, do yourself a favor and invest in Dr. Osborne’s work. Learn to be the doctor that every patient finally hopes they will find while concurrently building the practice of your dreams.”


Complete Care Wellness Center, TX

“Dr. Osborne’s Functional Medicine and Coaching programs are exactly what a practitioner who is looking to help make a difference needs

The traditional model of covering up symptoms with quick fixes that fail to address the root cause is common practice. There is a solution to help patients live the quality of life they deserve and Functional and Regenerative Medicine pave that path. 

When I opened my doors I needed help with marketing, systems and Functional Medicine training in order to build a comprehensive Regenerative Medicine practice. That investment was one of the best decisions of my life

Many providers have found the same passion and excitement for Functional Medicine and are excited to run their own practice. Many fail to recognize when they take that leap to go independent is you have to learn to run a successful business. This passion can turn to a bad dream unless you’re willing to learn from someone who knows exactly how to put patients into the practice that are willing to pay cash, how to achieve desired outcomes so patients stay and refer, and how to create systems your staff can run so you can do what you do best

Dr. Osborne has proven he can do all of the above not only for his practice but all the others I have met while working with him. Many struggle when they break free to run their own practice and this is unnecessary. The investment in Dr. Osborne’s practice building Functional Medicine Success Academy are a no brainer and will pay for themselves a hundred times over.”


The cost to get direct access to me and my team is $18,000. But with this course and all the bonuses you get same information for a fraction of the price. 

Not to mention that a qualifier to join my mastermind is the completion of the Functional Medicine Success Academy. 


Because I believe that your practice growth is dependent on the stability of your foundation. The Functional Medicine Success Academy provides that foundation.  

Now, Imagine your Dream Practice.

Your perfect number of patients... 

The balance between your clinic and your home life... 

All the referrals rolling in because of the success stories coming out of your office... 

Whatever that looks like for you. However big or small your Dream Practice is. The Functional Medicine Success Academy is the foundation for that practice.  

If you implement even 1 of the strategies mentioned in the course you'll make your investment back. If you listen to and put in place any 1 of the bonus items you'll make your investment back.

In fact, I guarantee that if you DO THE WORK in this course you'll not only make your investment back but you'll see your Dream Practice materialize before your very eyes. .



You Must Agree To These 3 Conditions Before Getting Started:

1. This special offer is for Functional Medicine Professionals ONLY.

This offer is only available to a select group of providers. Only doctors, practitioners, nutritionists, and health coaches who are serious about building a functional medicine practice are invited. This is not for everyone. However, if you know of a provider that would benefit from the functional medicine model please share with them.

2. You must agree to keep civil with your fellow students. NO HARASSMENT

When given access to the EXCLUSIVE Private Facebook group your fellow students are your peers. DO NOT treat them with anything other than respect. Harassment, rude or inappropriate comments, and anything deemed unbecoming of doctors and practitioners of Functional Medicine will be deleted by an admin and you will be removed from the group without warning!

3. You must agree to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION

Upon acceptance into our program, we will equip you with a detailed blueprint over the next 12 months that is specifically designed to accelerate your practice to the multiple six-figure a year mark. Complete with all the tools you need to attract and retain loyal, qualified patients and clients who can actually afford your services and refer you new business. Remember this, none of these things will happen for you simply by enrolling in our program. You must commit to take action and apply the strategies and systems that we give you in order to secure your success.



The “Functional Medicine Success Academy” Is NOT for everyone. 

The “FM Success Academy” is only for success minded healthcare providers.

To succeed with this program you have to be passionate about functional medicine, and you have to be passionate about helping improve the lives of your patients and clients. 

This is not a “get rich quick” program. 

As a matter of fact, this program is not about making money. This program is about your freedom, your passion, and transforming health care. If you apply the information, content, and support, within this program, you will go on to create the functional medicine practice of your dreams.

If that sounds like something you want then continue reading because these next few months could TRANSFORM your practice and your life forever!  

from Dr. Peter Osborne

Here’s what happens next...

It’s a simple three-step process... 

After purchase you'll get an email with your login details. This is your access to the dashboard. From the dashboard you'll see the Success Academy videos, additional resources, and all bonus material. 

Watch the Success Academy videos. You can do this all at once. Or one at a time. We recommend watching 1 module every week. This gives you time to implement the strategies discussed in each video before moving on to the next week.

TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. The best way to build your Dream Practice is to put the lessons in place. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day... but your practice CAN be built - with a solid foundation - in as little as 10 weeks.



Now you have a choice to make. 

Stay where you are. Do the same things you've done the last few years. It's gotten you this far. 

Or build the practice of your dreams. With a constant stream of new patients. And endless referrals. Because you took the time to create a STRONG FOUNDATION! One rooted in solid business methods.  

If it wasn't for the advice contained in this course I don't know where my practice would be today. I wish the same for you.  

Committed to your success – without failure,

Dr. Peter Osborne Dr. Peter Osborne Functional Medicine Advocate – dedicated to creating a healthier world.

P.S. 12 short months from now you can be celebrating your Dream Practice! That may be a six-figure or multiple six-figure earner. Or you may just be another year older with the same practice you have today. Stop the madness and start living the new life you were born to live. Click the yellow button to join the Functional Medicine Success Academy for only $1997!