FM Business Success with Dr. Eric Z

FMSS Dr. Eric ZFrom Deficit Dollars to Mega Success

From stuttering to success.  Dr. Eric Z quit his corporate job to go to grad school.  With hustle, integrity, common sense, passion, and support, he built a multi 7 figure FM business with essential oils and education.  Listen to his story below.  He drops several pearls about the essentials of success…

  • at 10:00 Dr. Z discusses the power of faith and belief in himself as a key element in his success
  • 15:00 Dr. Z discusses re-investing in yourself, not in the stock market
  • 23:00 Dr. Z talks discusses the importance of passion and finding your purpose

Don’t miss out on The Functional Medicine Success Summit this February 8-10, 2019!  Dr. Z will be there taking a deeper dive on business success.


Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne