Fake Supplements on Amazon

Why You Don’t Want Your Patients Buying Discount Supplements

Fraudulent Supplements are a Threat to Patients

Do you recommend your patients purchase supplements outside of your clinic?  You shouldn’t.  The latest scandal comes from Amazon.  Companies are fraudulently producing knock off supplements and putting the exact same label from reputable companies on them.  The products are outsourced to Chinese manufacturers, so who really knows what is in them.

Problem is, many of your patients are going online to try and buy discounted versions of products you may be offering.  It is analogous to  sending patients to Mexico to fill a prescription drug.  One of the most important components to successful treatment is controlling the quality of the supplements that you are recommending to your patients.

Private Labeling & Custom Formulations

I am a big advocate of both private labeling supplements as well as creating custom formulations with my own label and brand.  This ensures that you(as the doctor) control the source of ingredients being offered without the risk of patients taking products that are ineffective.

We all know that OTC supplements are not regulated to any great degree.  Don’t sit back and allow your patients to be mislead.  Their care is in your hands.

What Can You Do?

When I make supplement recommendations, I always use the paragraph below to help educate patients on why they are using the products from my office instead of the health food store or discount supplement stores:

**A note on nutritional supplements: Not all supplements are created equally.  There is an enormous amount of technical biochemical information that goes into evaluating a dietary supplement.  To put it simply, most direct to consumer products are of poor quality and have no therapeutic effect in a clinical setting.  Keep in mind that the FDA does not regulate the production of dietary supplements therefore companies can and do produce products that do not always contain what is on the label.  This clinic uses only pharmaceutical grade, independent laboratory tested products which have been scrutinized by Dr. Osborne for information about bioavailability, biochemical form, quality control, absorption, dosing, etc.  These factors are vital for achieving optimal clinical results.

Hope this gives you another tool to implement in your office to improve patient outcomes.  If you want more like this, join me in California for the Functional Medicine Success Summit.  The event is selling out fast, so get your tickets now…

Committed to your success,

Dr. Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne