Facebook As A New Patient Generator

Let’s face it – many people today (your potential patients) are fed up with the one problem, one copay, 5 minute doctor visit.  They want real solutions to their problems, and they are willing to pay out of pocket to get these real solutions.  Question is – How do you find these people?

Answer: facebook

Facebook Presence Generates New Patients

Many of the patients who come to my clinic know me virtually first.  They see my informative posts on facebook.  They watch my videos or read my posts.  They are helped by my information without ever stepping foot into my office.  Because I provide great knowledge to them for free using facebook as a resource, when they are ready to seek out a qualified doctor, they often think of me first.

Posting information to facebook on a regular basis helps my functional medicine success in multiple ways:

  • It establishes my expertise to the general public
  • It allows for viral sharing of my information to the world, thus giving me mass exposure to those who would otherwise never even know I existed.
  • It creates an online following of people who subscribe to my newsletter
  • It creates a huge referral source of highly qualified and motivated new patients into my office.

The last bullet point is the most important.  A lot of doctors believe that facebook is a waste of time.  They believe that facebook doesn’t really help grow a practice.  So instead they spend a lot of time doing free initial exams for people who are less likely to comply to treatment.  (free exams devalue you, your office, and your services <<==)

Always remember that a big part of scheduling new patients, is scheduling the right new patients.  Not everyone is going to be ready to commit to the functional medicine approach.  You don’t want to spend a lot of time doing exams on people who don’t stick around.  Using facebook to educate potential patients helps to prescreen who comes to your office.  This improves overall patient compliance which in turn leads to greater patient success and more patient referrals.

People Use the Internet to Get Answers

The information age is officially here.  People turn to the internet for everything.  Healthcare and answers about illness are some of the most commonly searched terms.  I said earlier that posting to facebook helps generate new patients.  The picture below is a screenshot from one of my recent posts demonstrating this very thing.

If you neglect social media as a tool to grow your practice, you will always have limited success.  People trust facebook.  They spend hours everyday hanging out there.  Reading, interacting, learning, sharing, etc.  You don’t have to spend hours on fb, but you should make an effort to build your expertise with this powerful free tool.  Done consistently over time, you will build a following that helps keep your office very busy.   At the very least, you will be saving the lives of people you never meet with the wonderful knowledge you can share.


Committed to your success,

Dr. Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne