Email 101 For Functional Medicine Success

Should Email Campaigns Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Yes.  They should be.  If you are not emailing your patients and potential patients, you are missing out on huge practice benefits:

  1. Patient education through email builds loyalty
  2. Email creates passive income
  3. Email converts prospective patients into actual paying patients
  4. Email maintains communication and helps build your practice brand

Part of marketing intelligently depends on whether your message even reaches your audience.  If you use email marketing (you should be), sending the email is only a small part of message delivery.  The breakdown goes like this:

Email Should Have a Purpose

No one wants to be bombarded with spammy emails containing meaningless drivel.  Always start with a purpose.  The two main reasons to write and send an email are:

  1. to educate
  2. to promote an action

Part of the relationship you develop with your email list is based on the fact that you help give them free information that is helpful to them.  In this case, you are giving them solid functional medicine tips that if they apply, they will have an improvement in their life.  The more free information you give, the more you are appreciated by those receiving it.

Action oriented emails are designed to get people to do something.  Something referring to buying a product, filling out a survey, clicking on a link, etc.

As you may know when you send out an email promotion to your list of clients or prospects other than the offer, the subject line has the biggest influence on how well your promotions does. That’s because the more people who open, the more people will take your offer or learn from your information.

Great Email Headlines

The best headlines that get the highest open rates are ones that are benefit rich and/or curiosity provoking.  Don’t waste your time on subject headlines that are hypey, over the top, boring, scientific, or make promises that you can’t deliver on.

If you use any of the modern day email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, then you know that in addition to showing you the subject headline, they also show you part of the first sentence even before you open your emails.  So basically that first sentence of your email body acts as a second subject headline.

If your “second” headline tips off your reader that this is a pitch email or something boring then they’re not going to open your email no matter how good your actual headline is.  The key is to make both headlines benefit rich.  A good headline combo will lead to 20% plus open rates.  That means that 20% of the people you email will actually, open and read what you send.

Committed to your success,

Dr. Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne