Dressed For Success?

There is a reason why it is called a first impression…

As you know, as a result of this economy, I’m really focused on creating functional medicine business strategies that require little to no advertising.

I truly think, now more than ever, your  functional medicine marketing must be extremely subtle; not the “high pressure sales” stuff that others are promoting.  Patients want to deal with real people who are real with them.  If they smell a sales pitch, they’re out the door.

Everything you do must be driven by good intentions and you must commit to maintaining communication with your patients for life.  Period.  The key to understand is that it all starts with their first impression of you.  With every new patient, take particular care to look and act your best.
You should always check your self in the mirror prior to seeing a patient for the first time.

What does your patient see in you?

  • Hair groomed?
  • Nothing in the teeth? Check.
  • Shirt tucked in? Check
  • Zipper up? CHECK.
  • Tie tied properly and snug? Check
  • Nails clean and well manicured? Check
  • Hands clean and soft? Check
  • Shoes tied and shined? Check
  • Smell good? Check
  • Face freshly shaved or groomed? Check

Listen, if you had to spend $5,000 to improve your look and image, you’d get your money back the first year.

Start implementing these today:

Hiring an image consultant.    Purchasing a nice watch, even if it’s pre-owned (no rubber watch bands).    As a doctor, consider a Rolex, and Omega, a Hamilton…something timeless and nothing too big and flashy. A nice watch goes a long way.    French cuff shirts and a selection of cuff links (if you are a guy).    4 pairs of high end dress shoes – 2 black and 2 brown.  Nice ties are essential (no crazy prints, pictures, nothing corny).   Nice dress shirts – solid white works well. (You’ll need at least 5)    Lastly, YOU MUST BE IN TOP PHYSICAL CONDITION.  There is no getting around this. You must be extremely fit, in my opinion.  If it isn’t obvious to them that you practice what you preach, then you have some work to do.  I recommend getting involved in Crossfit or implementing home based HIIT (high intensity interval training).

Looking the part IS marketing. It IS subtle, and it IS mandatory.  You must look successful to become successful. It won’t work the other way around… ever.  And of course, you must be competent, caring, and on top of your game at all times.  What a great profession we are in. It requires us to learn, teach, and live in congruence with our message.

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne