Do You Have What It Takes to Succeed

What it Takes to Run a Successful Functional Medicine Practice

You and every single successful doctor you know are alike.  In fact, you have every capability that the most successful physician has, and  you’ve got access to the same (if not better) information than many of the ultra successful doctors and clinics.  So what does it take to succeed?  I’m gonna tell you, & I’m gonna tell you from first hand experience… My office generates 7 figures annually and has for many years.  I didn’t start there though.  I started out making 18,000 a year.  No, that number is not a mistake, 18,000 a year.   What I learned early in practice many doctors never learn.  It can be summarized with the following simple picture:

Where the Magic Happens

The” magic” happens to mean many things.  Financial success, patient improvement, more patient referrals, less reliance on insurance reimbursement…  Fill in the blank with what the “Magic” is for you.

The “comfort zone” is where most doctors stay – day in and day out.  You find what you are comfortable with doing and stay in an air tight bubble that inhibits personal growth, clinical success, and financial growth.

I was able to take a simple concept like gluten sensitivity and turn it into huge practice success.  This happened because I was bold enough to step outside of the “mainstream” box.  10 years ago, gluten intolerance was a taboo topic.  Most doctors denied that it existed, called their patients crazy, and stayed in their nice and tiny “comfort zone”.  Not me.  I took this concept and applied it despite the ridicule and doubts of those around me.  I positioned myself as a world leader and expert in the field.  My patients got better.  Many recovered from their death beds.  I built a reputation on helping those who could not be helped my traditional medicine.   Stepping outside of the box allowed me to build a referral based, waiting list practice of compliant patients.

How was all of this possible?

I wasn’t scared to step out of my comfort zone.  I was willing to apply new medical concepts and ideas.  You see, in practice, their is a prison of comfort called – The Standard of Care.  Most doctors never venture out of this model.  Their patients never really improve, and their practice is stagnant, stale, and has limited success.   The reason why?  Patients don’t fit into a perfect box of standards.  Their genetics, diet, occupations, stress levels, etc. are unique.  If you are treating all of your patients like cogs on an assembly line, you will churn out a homogeneous mixture of mediocrity and poor health.

Follow Your Heart

You have to believe that YOU are just as well equipped as I am for success.  The one thing that I and EVERY successful doctor has that the unsuccessful ones don’t have is heart.   As educated physicians, we’ve got the same capabilities and the access to the same information, and the same number of hours in a day… … but the thing that makes all the difference is HEART.

Heart to realize that you deserve more and that your patients deserve more from you.   Heart to want to change your circumstances.  Heart to wanna step out of your comfort zone.   Heart to be willing to do whatever it takes to get whatever you want.  Heart to realize that you are going to fail, and often, and knowing that failure is the price that you have to pay.   But you’ve never really failed if you get back up and try again. It’s the folks who fall down and stay down that end up as failures for life.  And guess what? If you want to run a successful functional medicine practice  YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE MISTAKES –  AND PROBABLY MORE THAN ONE BEFORE YOU ACHIEVE SUCCESS.

You need heart to make the HARD decisions that others won’t.  Heart to take the actions you know your patients need you to take even if it’s gonna hurt.   Heart to be willing to take a risk.  And heart to be willing to deal with fear, doubt, rejection and uncertainty or your peers.   Listen, if you’re sitting around waiting for some major secret to success then you’re probably feeling pretty let down by now.  Anyone who says they have the ONE thing to make you successful is full of it.   And if you’re waiting for permission to become successful,  I give you permission.  Better yet, look yourself in the mirror, buck up and give yourself permission because no one is going to give it to you.

You’ve been given access to the tools, tactics, resources, action steps, systems, strategies and ideas to get your functional medicine practice to multiple six and even seven figures.   What I can’t give you is heart.  What I can’t do for you is the action taking. What I can’t instill in you is the work ethic.   I don’t know where you are in your head space right now. But what I do know is that if you’re reading this issue of the Functional Medicine Blueprint then you probably want more money, more patients, more security, more freedom, and a reliable business, right? I’ve got really good news for you. The information on this blog alone can easily get your functional medicine practice to six figures. All you need to bring to the table is a burning desire to take action.

Heart + Action = Success

A mentor of mine once told me – “The amount of money a person makes is directly proportional to the value and help he brings to the people around him.”  In essence, Love your patients, help your patients get better, teach them to maintain a higher state of health.  They will reward you for it.

All the best,

Dr. O

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne