I was recently asked about my biggest business mistake when starting my practice.  Here was my answer…

  • Creating the right business plan is a fundamental starting point in any functional medicine practice.
  • Learning from those who have already “done the work” is essential to fast track your success.
  • Finding a mentor or group of mentors is a necessity if you want less hardship in your business

I had no business plan, no guidance, no key strategies.  I just wanted to help people.  As the saying goes – If I only knew then what I know now.  The truth is, you can learn from some of the leading experts in practice management, marketing, and clinical prowess at The 5th Annual Functional Medicine Success Summit.   The event is in two weeks, so grab your tickets now.


Join us at the Functional Medicine Success Summit

The Functional Medicine Success Summit is dedicated to helping doctors and other health care practitioners get connected and gain access to the top clinical and business experts in our profession.

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    • Skye Necaise

      Hi Dr. Osborne,

      I am a recent graduate from chiropractic school and I am very interested in learning how to open a functional medicine clinic. I am in the process of completing the online program at Functional Medicine University. I just lack having a mentor to help me gain more insight on the clinical and business aspect. I was wondering if you had any advice or recommendations regarding this?

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