Attention Doctors: Free yourself from the frustration of managed care and take back control of your practice.

“Discover How to See Less Patients While Generating More Income with these Clinically Tested and Practice Proven Blueprints of a Seven Figure Functional Medicine Clinic”

Healthcare is changing forever…

The paradigm is changing.  Collecting copays and treating lots of patients day in and day out used to earn doctors a very nice living.  Patients were happy taking medications to treat their symptoms.  That system is quickly becoming more and more antiquated.  Diseases continue to rise despite treatment interventions.  Bottom line – the system is failing and patients are looking for different answers.  They are getting tired of being herded through an “efficient” office like cattle.  They want to be able to spend more time with their doctors.  They are tired of not being able to address the root of their illnesses. They want nutritional advice…they want advice on meaningful lifestyle adjustments.  I don’t mean the traditional generic advice – “Eat right and exercise“, I mean specifics.  These patients are middle aged, suffering failing health, and they are frustrated with the 8-10 specialists who all wanted to give them multiple medications (and when the drugs didn’t work, they were told that their symptoms were depression).  These patients have a true desire to restore their health and live the last half of their life with quality and dignity, and they want and need your help.  And yes, they are willing to pay out of pocket to get it.

Their is a huge demand for functional medicine doctors…

How do I know?  My office is full of them.  So full in fact that it takes three months for a new patient to get an appointment.  This is where functional medicine comes in.  You see, functional medicine doctors are becoming more and more sought after by the educated health care consumer.  The topic has breached the national media (including the Dr. Oz Show) and the demand for doctors who practice this way is booming.


From: Dr. Peter Osborne

Dear Fellow Physicians,

Are you tired of having to see more and more patients each day just to make overhead ends meet?  Are you in fear of another insurance company fee cut?  If you are like me, you are probably fed up with managed care, the headaches of insurance denials, and fee schedule pay cuts.  You are probably sick and tired of long stressful hours where you see so many patients, you can’t remember their names or the conditions you are treating them for and live in constant fear of a law suit.  You know as well as I do that the new social health care plan is only going to make it all worse.

Experts predict that it will put such a burden on private practice that many doctors will either retire, go out of business, or seek out another profession.  The practices that do survive will fall into one of two categories:

1.  Those that try to accommodate a completely broken health care system.  These doctors will end up having to see 30 plus patients per day to make ends meet.  Not only will they have to continue dealing with managed care pay reductions, red tape, and audits, but they will also have to take on the even greater nightmare of a government run healthcare system.  Imagine everyday having to deal with government employees…Managing your office operations will become a frustrating hybrid of the DMV meets HMO’s.  Those doctors capable of succeeding in this model will be miserable and burn out fast.

2.  Doctors who embrace functional medicine.  These doctors will not accept insurance.  They will not allow the government or insurance companies dictate how they provide care to their patients.  These doctors will be armed with the business and clinical skills to survive in the upcoming medical paradigm shift.  These doctors won’t have to see 30 or more patients a day to make ends meet because they will have the confidence to charge what they are worth.

To that end, wouldn’t you like an easy, proven, and low cost system for implementing functional medicine into your practice and for attracting new patients seeking this type of care?

If so, I’d like to give you the strategies and techniques that have helped me build one of the most successful functional medicine practices in the country.

Best of all I’d like to give you all of my proven and time-tested patient attracting strategies for only $99.

What’s My Reason For Practically Giving Away These Ultra Successful Practice Tactics…?

It’s simple really… I love helping sick patients get better, & I know that the most effective way to do this is by training other doctors to be successful.

…I know that once you use these proven functional medicine marketing strategies and patient attraction systems to get more patients, make more money, and position yourself as a top functional medicine expert in YOUR area, you’ll help me accomplish my mission of reaching and impacting 1,000,000 sick people.

And the fastest and easiest way I know to get YOU help me with my mission is to give you my most effective and powerful patient acquiring systems for minimal cost.  And once you try them and see how easily they’ll grow your functional medicine practice and your bottom line, we will have changed the landscape of the healthcare system for the better.

It’s a win/win proposition… wouldn’t you agree?

But Before You Read Another Word Of This Letter I Want You To See What Other Doctors Who Have Implemented My System Have To Say…


“Dr Osborne’s Mastermind program was exactly the catalyst needed to jump start my functional medicine practice. As a general surgeon I have treated patients with abdominal pain for 20 years. The patients that didn’t get better with “traditional” protocols were labeled as having irritable bowel syndrome. I have now learned from Dr Osborne that the majority of these patients really have gluten intolerance. Now, I see these patients get better time and time again. However, besides the anecdotal evidence, Dr Osborne has an encyclopedic knowledge of the scientific research to back up the findings.

The medical background is only one part of the delivery of care to these patients. The other part, which is equally important but not easily spoken about, is the business acumen to be able to deliver the care utilizing a smart business model. The unfortunate truth is that without a good business model one will not have a sustainable practice in which to deliver high quality care to our patients.

Dr Osborne addresses both of these issues in a very clear and logical fashion. His coaching has guided the development of both on-line and social media presences to help educate and treat patients. Practice goals were set, and then through the frequent mentorship sessions with Dr Osborne, these goals were obtained.”


“As a functional medicine provider, I have come to know Dr. Osborne and his efforts closely.  Rarely will you meet someone with his determination for success.  He has taken the concept of functional medicine and merged it with application based on his own clinical experience.  It is evident through his writings that he not only truly understands the field, but also understands how to overcome the all too common obstacles that many practitioners find themselves facing.  Dr. Osborne’s work provides the tools to aid any level of practitioner in becoming a sound marketer, an educator in ways most have never even considered, and a resource for patients that will have them continually returning.  The skill set which he has developed and is willing to share will teach you how to function at every level of your practice, from taking patients through an entire course of care to laying the ground work for a smooth running office.

If you are looking for a guide, or to use Dr. Osborne’s own words, a blueprint, that will place you ahead of the pack in the shifting healthcare paradigm, do yourself a favor and invest in Dr. Osborne’s work.  Learn to be the doctor that every patient finally hopes they will find while concurrently building the practice of your dreams.”

“As a functional medicine provider, the greatest challenge I faced clinically was not addressing peoples health challenges, it was getting them in the door in the first place.  The Functional Medicine Marketing Summit was exactly what I needed to change the course of my clinical career.  With the direction of Dr Osborne’s teachings, I was able to add over 20K a month in revenue to our office and work fewer hours.  All this through strategically leveraging his ideas and concepts in marketing and communication.

Dr Osborne is a straight shooter, he tells you the truth.  His mission is to bring functional medicine to the front lines of healthcare and save millions of lives in the process.  The world needs more people like Dr Osborne to spread this invaluable knowledge to doctors that are willing the listen and implement.
I would highly encourage others to follow his teachings, and enjoy the success that follows.
The best part of it all is that I now spend more time with my wife and 3 year old son.  This to me is priceless.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you changed my (our) lives.”


“Dr. Osborne has been an inspiration to me. Coming from traditional medicine into a functional medicine mind set is extremely hard. Dr. Osborne has helped me see the business of medicine in an entire new light. His coaching has helped me break out of my shell and do things I never dreamed of doing before. With his help, I am able to provide functional medicine to more and more people. I am truly grateful for his patience and persistence with me!”


“I have been in Dr. Osborne’s Mentoring Group for nearly one year and attended his Market Functional Medicine Seminar in Los Angeles last January. I have started my business conversion to Functional Medicine basically from scratch so I was at quite a disadvantage compared to other doctors who were able to grow their on line business much faster.

That being said, I am well on my way to realizing substantial growth in the next 6 months.
So wherever a doctor is along the path to a seven figure income, whether they have a strong internet presence or are brand new like me, Peter has a hands on personalized approach. He remembers small details, is patient, firm and a tremendous teacher with passion, charisma and expertise. He will be straight with you and push you to expand your boundaries. He has saved me literally months with his personalized coaching insights and I am improving each and every day under his expert guidance.
His Market Function Medicine Seminar is extremely well run. The sessions for doctors were flat out the best that I have ever attended and exactly what I needed to start my transition to Functional Medicine.”

“My name is Nick Laszlo and I am employed by the office of Dr Frank Tortorice as a Clinical Nutritionist.  My focus is on utilizing a Functional Medicine approach to nutritional therapies that seeks to treat underlying causes of ill health through the direct application of food as medicine.

Dr Osborne is a tremendous motivational speaker who inspires and instructs professionals such as myself and Dr Tortorice on the nuances and methodologies of successfully transitioning from the allopathic care model to Functional Medicine as an effective and profitable treatment modality.  Dr Osborne carefully delineated why this modality is what is best for the patient and best for the physician, especially for achieving favorable outcomes in regards to chronic disease states, such as diabesity, cardiovascular disease and hormonal dysregulation.  Dr Osborne is also extremely adept at instructing on the business side of the Functional Medicine equation and how to go about effectively marketing and managing a Functional Medicine practice.
The coaching and advice of Dr Osborne has been, I believe, invaluable to our practice and to our patients.  Dr Osborne’s step-by-step approach for transitioning to Functional Medicine is a no-nonsense practical strategy for long term success in Functional Medicine.  I feel that the seminar was one of the best that I have ever  attended.  Dr Osborne is tremendously charismatic and well-informed.  I would not hesitate to attend any of his future seminars and webinars, which I highly recommend to any healthcare professional seeking to build a successful Functional Medicine practice.”

“Dr. Osborne, you have done a sterling work putting together a book that is practical and comprehensive in the application of functional medicine in clinical practice. I have been in practice 47 years and have been working in clinical nutrition and functional medicine for 37 of those years. You present a lot of wheels that will not have to be re-invented and helping us to avoid a lot of struggle.”

“I attempted to introduce functional medicine protocols in my office several times, but lacked the ability to communicate with my patients well enough to get them to comply.  Since implementing the information in your book, The Functional Medicine Blueprint, My practice has exploded!  I had no idea how many patients there are who are just frustrated with the main stream model and looking for real answers.  Thank you Dr. Osborne for helping me successfully implement a system that works so well.  My practice is booming!”


Before Making Seven Figures From My Ultra Successful Functional Medicine Practice, I Was A Struggling “Drone”

Back in 1999 I was a struggling doctor working as a part time associate and college professor.

I worked like a dog, long hours with little pay.  I was struggling because I was only making 18,000 a year with no hope for a raise.  Teaching doesn’t pay much, and my employer did not allow me enough space to grow.

After a year of that I got fed up and quit.

I felt I had the entrepreneurial drive so I started my own practice.  At first I focused on insurance based practice, but I started getting burned out quickly because all the paperwork and regular billing denials ate up my time….

Time I wasn’t getting paid for.

I started implementing nutritional supplements and lab testing,  but I couldn’t get patients to comply fully with my treatment plans partly because insurance wouldn’t cover the service and partly because I wasn’t educating them properly.   I had no systemized way to educate my patients into compliance.

I was COMPLETELY under charging (in an attempt to try and undercut my competitors).

Every marketing method I tried failed, and that was one of the most frustrating things of all.   In addition, it cost me a lot of wasted money (money I didn’t have much of in the first place).

I continued working as a college professor in the evenings and on weekends.  This helped me make ends meet, but the time I was spending away from my family was frustrating and creating problems at home.

All I ever really wanted was to help people get better.

But instead I was working 70 plus hours a week… I didn’t have a full patient schedule, I wasn’t charging what I was worth, and I didn’t have a reliable marketing system to continually bring in new patients. The good news was – the time I spent teaching improved my communication skills dramatically.

Then in 2004, I attended an internet technology conference where I learned how to implement easy to use tools to generate an online presence (website).

That’s when something clicked and everything changed for me.

It was like I had an Ah – HA moment!

At that moment I realized there are better, more predictable, and more low cost ways to market my office and to get my knowledge to the right audience.  The money I had been spending on dead end print ads and postcards was re-invested into my new internet marketing endeavors.

Then over the next few years I tracked, tested, and tweaked each marketing system until my practice grew to five employees, an associate doctor, and an annual revenue of over a million dollars.

Life is so much better when you have a predictable marketing system that delivers results you need and want…It makes practice enjoyable again.

And Now I Want To Give YOU My Best Patient Attraction, Education, and Lead Generation Systems To Use In Your Functional Medicine Practice… The Functional Medicine Blueprint and The Core Influence education system.

My best, most effective and proven functional medicine marketing tactics… here they are.


  • How to fire insurance carriers and get paid what you deserve
  • How to create multiple passive income streams in your office
  • How to implement a six figure nutritional pharmacy
  • Which functional medicine labs are most effective for getting your patients better
  • How to communicate with your patients so that they comply with your care
  • How to create an online patient newsletter that will pull in new patients night and day
  • How to get “ready-to-comply” subscribers/patients to your wellness email newsletter
  • How to come up with content for your office newsletter
  • How to build a waiting list super successful functional medicine practice 
  • 7 critical actions to generate more referrals
  • Three little known and never-talked-about  marketing tactics that can blow up your practice practically overnight
  • The number one FREE WAY to market your office.
  • How to guarantee a steady income every month – no matter the economy
  • How to create a recurring monthly revenue stream in your office.
  • How to put in less time at the office without taking a huge paycut
  • And so much more!


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Double Your Patients – Double Your Practice – Double Your Profits (Video)
($297.00 Value)

This video is from a physician workshop on implementing nutrition into practice. In this presentation I reveal the formula for generating a passive 6 figure income by adding a nutritional pharmacy to your practice.

After coaching several doctors (and doing it myself) I’ve figured out the “multi-pronged approach” to the formula and in this video I give you the blueprint to replicate the system yourself.



Core Influence – How to Properly Educate Your Patients 
($99.00 Value)

In this video I show you how and what to communicate to your patients to get them to comply with the treatment they need.

Apply this simple principle and your patients’ will be happy to pay out of pocket for the care that you recommend.

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Functional Medicine Blueprint – Complete Audio
($149.00 Value)

Take the FM Blueprint with you anywhere you go. As a special bonus, I’m giving you the entire FM Blueprint on easy to listen to MP3s.

Now you watch the video anytime you want, AND listen to the program on your iPod, in your car, or in your office. Growing a functional medicine practice has never been easier.


Friend, I’m in a position to do something for you that no other person can… I’m going to give you the blueprints to create your own financially secure, competition proof functional medicine practice – just like I’ve done for myself and so many others.

You get everything for a small, one-time investment of only $99. Best of all you get the entire program instantly, the online ebook and video tutorials which you can watch online or download directly to your computer. You don’t have to wait for shipping. Just click, buy and start growing your functional medicine practice – instantly.  In addition, you are getting 30 days of free access to my Functional Medicine members online support system.  If you decide to to stay on after the first 30 days, you will be billed $69 monthly.  You can cancel anytime no questions asked.

And you’re fully protected by my 12 month, 365 day money back guarantee. Like I said above, if you don’t at least double your functional medicine income over the next year, just call my office and I’ll issue you a full refund – no questions asked.



This is just my way of starting our relationship off on the right foot.

For only $99, less than the cost of one pair of dress shoes, you get all of my CLINICALLY  TESTED patient generating strategies to take and plug into your practice.

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Committed to your success,

Dr. Peter Osborne

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