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If you are a complete “newbie” to functional medicine, start here >>> Functional Medicine University <<<

Lab Library

The lab library is full of online downloadable webinars and lecture series on a variety of functional medicine topics.  Visit the MarketFunctionalMedicine lab library by clicking here <<<

Access to Gluten Free Society’s Physician Certification Program:

If you are enrolled in the Mastermind Coaching Program, free access to this 10 hour course is available by contacting  Just let them know you are in the MFM Coaching program.  If you are not in the coaching program, you can still access this online course here <<<

The mission at is to teach you and your staff how to successfully market a functional medicine practice.  Part of being successful is staying abreast with the most current research.  Our Mastermind Program members write scientific papers and commentary on a regular basis.  Use the links below to read more…

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Additional Resources: