Corporate Take Over of Health Care

Dr. Walgreens is ready to serve.  As if competition in the community wasn’t bad enough.  Walgreen’s has launched a major program within their pharmacies called Take Care Clinics.

The following was taken directly from their website:

[features_box_red width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Patients may not always have the ability to visit a medical doctor at a moment’s notice. Or they may not even have a primary-care physician in the first place. So Walgreens offers an easy, cost-saving way to get personalized, acute and preventive care with Take Care Clinics*. Staffed by board-certified Family Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, you can expect high-quality healthcare services from over 350 locations across the country.

A clinic that serves patients well.

Take Care Clinics are here to prevent, treat and manage health concerns for your employees and members. Our medical professionals conduct thorough examinations and provide individualized diagnoses and treatment plans for patients 18 months and older. They can even write prescriptions, if needed.

Convenience is yours.

Our Take Care Clinics are open 7 days a week, with many offering late evening hours. Your employees and members walk-in or make an appointment.


These new one stop centers will be offering all of the major services that a family practice offers including wellness services.   Health care is becoming more and more homogenized as corporations try to make a grab for dollars.

In the case of Walgreen’s this is a problem because it takes doctors out of the loop, and makes it harder for the average family practice to stay in business.  If there was ever a time to differentiate your practice from the masses, now is that time.  Although many patients want a 7-eleven approach, the silent majority of patients are starving for individualized care.  They do not want a quick stop approach to their health.  They are tired of being drugged without real solutions to their chronic problems, and unfortunately, they have a hard time finding a doctor.

A New Paradigm in Health Care

The reason my practice stays so busy is because patients who want real care seek me out.  I have developed a brand targeted for this market and you can too.  There are so few FM clinics out there, but patients are starving for them.  If you wait to brand yourself, you will miss out on the biggest paradigm shift we have ever seen take place in the healthcare market.  The nutritionists and personal trainers are already on top of this.  There are a number of online certification courses for them, and I know several who are seeing clients for functional medicine and their business is booming.  Now is the time to create your functional medicine niche and aggressively market and promote yourself to the world.  I would advise you to create a marketing strategy that incorporates both offline and online strategies.  Some of the best free resources to do this are on the internet:

Take Action Now

Many doctors will wait to take advantage of this paradigm shift in health care.  They will jump on the proverbial band wagon when competition is at a peak, and they will fail.  You have probably heard the saying – “get in on the ground level”.  Well, this is the GROUND LEVEL of Functional Medicine.  Take action so you don’t have to hang this sign on your door.

Wishing you success,

Dr. O

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Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne