Core Influence and The Triangle of Health

Teaching Your Patients Builds Trust, Confidence, and Prepares them to be Healthy Again…

In this video I explain how teaching your patients about Core Influence and the Triangle of Health can dramatically improve treatment compliance in your office.

Functional Medicine Success

There are a lot of really smart doctors who lack bedside manner and the ability to communicate and educate their patients.  Many of these doctors fail in private practice.  This is sad because so many people are not getting the help they need.  The good news is that if you are struggling with these concepts, you can practice them and improve.  Use the video above to work on the message that you want to deliver to your patients.  It is important that your healing philosophy matches with theirs.  Explaining core influence and the Triangle of Health puts you and your patient on the same page, or gets rid of the patients who are just looking for a pill.  Remember, you cannot help patients who are not willing to help themselves by getting educated and taking action.

The majority of your new patients will come to you already frustrated with the mainstream approach to health care.  They are praying for a different answer, one that makes more sense than adding more medications.  If you explain this concept well, you will greatly increase compliance to treatment.  When your patients become more compliant, they will get better.  As they get better, they will refer more patients to your office.  Everyone wins in this scenario.

Triangle of Health Visual

Remember that proper functional medicine marketing starts in your office with your existing patients.  As many people are visual learners, I designed the following logo image to help them understand the concept:

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Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne