Video Guide to Starting Your Nutritional Pharmacy

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Building a Nutritional Pharmacy Part 1

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Nutritional Pharmacy Part 2


Incorporating a Nutritional Pharmacy…

Many doctors fear adding supplements to their office.  They have a complex when it comes to selling products in their office.  My advice is to get over it.  The sale of supplements is a billion dollar industry.  Your patients are going to buy them.  Do you want them to waste their money and buy products that are useless?  Wouldn’t it be a good idea to be the intelligent doctor who has the ability to help them weed through all of the false claims and remedies?  Adding a supplement pharmacy to your office provides several benefits:

  1. Increases the perceived value of your service
  2. Creates a new avenue to communicate with your patients, thus elevating your expertise.
  3. Offers a service that your patients are already using somewhere else (convenience).
  4. Allows your patients to get better without the side effects of many medications
  5. Provides a direct source of income for your office.
  6. Provides a passive source of income for your office…

Many doctors use the excuse that stocking supplements is too costly.  This is just not true.  I started by ordering about $100 worth of simple products that I knew I could sell for various conditions.  Here is what you need to do…

If you are just starting out…

  • Order what you should be able to sell:
    • For example – if you treat musculoskeletal conditions – carry products for joint support, muscle relaxation, and pain relief.
    • If you are addressing natural hormones, carry products that promote hormone balance.  Treating infertility, carry products to your existing patients.
    • Carry a variety of natural alternatives for the most common conditions you see (Allergy season, colds and infections, etc.)
    • Take the money that is earned and re-invest it buy expanding your natural pharmacy.
    • Consider private labeling.  Private labeling ensures that your patients do not price shop online and helps protect your bottom line.
    • Make sure you have an office display case or cabinet.  This allows patients to see what you have to offer and promotes conversation with staff members.
    • Place nutritionally oriented educational materials in your waiting room.  Free pamphlets are available from most companies.  Many will even customize them for your office.

Some excellent supplement companies to start with:

You should have an employee in your office in charge of supplements, from ordering, to stocking your shelves.  In addition, this person should keep track of patients on supplement treatment regimens.  He/she should call patients on a monthly basis to help refill any products or to offer to ship products out to your patients.

In office promotions can also be performed as a way of educating patients while increasing supplement revenue.  Examples include:

  • Immune supporting or boosting products during cold and flu season
  • Natural antihistamine products for allergy season
  • Cognitive enhancers before the school year begins
  • Multi-vitamin discounts for large families

The key here is to get creative.  Offering promotional sales to your patients frequently will increase awareness about the wide array of products you have available to help them, but it will also increase your revenue.  Bottom line:  your patients get the help that they need under your guidance, and you increase you passive income thus allowing you to spend more time with each patient without taking a pay cut.  Everyone wins.

**To effectively communicate your promotions, it is critical that you have an email capture system in place.  This can be done with ease and allows you to market to patients who have not been in your office recently.