Building Your Functional Medicine Niche By Delivering Value

Provide Online Value & Grow Your Practice

One of the most common questions I get asked by doctors?  Does the internet stuff work to attract new patients?

The answer to this question is an overwhelming YES!  There are a number of online mediums that can be used to help grow and build your niche, name, and following.  The following is a list of some common examples and ideas of online information you can create to deliver value to the world.  You can click on the links to see these elements at work.

Online Presence Equates to Authoritative Status.   The marketing effect is, in part, to be regarded as a trusted and respected resource that, above others, is the answer to a medical or healthcare need.  Why is this important?  There are thousands of so called experts on line disseminating misleading information.  By creating your own authoritative niche, you create a mechanism to combat this misinformation.   The end result – you become a renowned expert in your field, and patients get the quality information they need.

4 Basic Rules of Creating Online Content for Your Niche

    1. Message to Market Match –  Compose your material in a way that is pertinent and relevant to your niche.   Always consider your “audience”, their interests and needs.
    2. Be Human, Be Real –  Although you should create and write information for you audience from the standpoint that you are the authority on the topic, don’t get caught up in being too “super-human” smart.  Show your personality and use good bed side manner.
    3. No Self Promoting – Always give good information and value to your audience.  Building a following takes time and effort.  The more good free information you give, the more you foster a relationship with your audience.  People will be more likely to buy from you or use your healthcare services once you have established a relationship with them.
    4. Be Consistent –  Building online followers and relationships requires time and consistency.  Staying in contact with your followers on a regular basis is critical to building trust and confidence.
 By putting these components together, you will effectively grow your practice both online and offline via word of mouth.  Remember that the internet spreads wide and far.  If you start applying these online techniques, you will be consulting with patients from across the globe.  Case in point – This year alone, I have consulted with patients from South Africa, Budapest, Spain, Brazil, Ireland, England, Australia, and many more.
To Your Success,
Dr. O
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Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne