Starting a functional medicine practice can be overwhelming if you're not prepared and organized. You've got a lot to consider.  What's the best niche to focus on?   How many marketing systems should you have in place?  What types of services are you going to offer?

However with some research, organization, and preparation starting and running a successful functional medicine practice can be much easier than you think, and in this section you'll find many of the solutions you're searching for.

Functional Medicine Blueprint

Most of the doctors I talk to are doing all the wrong things and ultimately wasting a bunch of money on dead end marketing.  Truth is, patients are sick of the "pill for every ill" mentality.  Life is so much better when you have a predictable marketing system along with treatment strategies that yield predictable results.  This allows you to build a waiting list practice...Functional Medicine Blueprint delivers my most effective, proven and low cost practice marketing strategies, but also helps guide you through the maze of different functional medicine treatments, lab tests, and supplements to offer.