Breaking All The Rules

As far as I can remember I’ve never been conventional or ordinary…

…I’ve always done things differently, thought differently, and found myself doing the opposite of what the masses were doing.

It’s probably something I learned while in the Air Force.  You see, in the military, we are often times told to do things without question.  We are not taught to analyze, improve upon, or challenge “the system”.

Being in this type of environment can be enormously frustrating, and breaking out of the box can be very liberating.

Follow Your Heart

Back when I started my Functional Medicine practice in 2003, the primary treatment model was to give nutritional supplements, herbs, and natural medicines to “treat” the patient’s symptoms.   This was the model being taught by most schools of thought.  Many of the doctors I know continue to use this model and fail.  They prescribe supplement after supplement depending on the symptoms the patient reports on any given day.

The problem(s)?  Random supplement recommendations don’t work long term.  Patients get sick of pills.  Taking pills in massive quantities will not solve the patient’s illness.  Not enough time is spent educating the patient.  The business model ultimately fails due to lack of compliance.

I followed this same model, and it didn’t last long before I was forced to find a better way.

Within two years I implemented systems in my office to address the individualized needs of my patients.  I implemented advanced lab testing, spent more time with patients on diet and lifestyle modifications.  Started doing group educational meetings.  Started creating educational videos to email my patients.

A few years later, my practice exploded.  I was in such big demand, our waiting list grew to 3 months.

All The Practice Management Experts Were Wrong

I was told by many that charging patients money for lab testing that was not covered by insurance wouldn’t work. I broke the rules and did it anyway – it worked.

I was told that seeing less patients and making more income wasn’t possible, and that I would have to increase volume to make a living.  I broke the rules and did it anyway – it worked.

I was told that patients would never spend 2-5K out of pocket to get healthy.   My patients did.  Again, I broke the rules – it worked.

I was told not to waste time on the internet using facebook, youtube, or pinterest to grow my practice.  I broke the rules and did it anyway – it worked.

In fact, it all worked so well that I went on to build what is arguably one of the top successful functional medicine clinics in the world.  My point…

  •  Following the Masses is not always the right thing to do
  • NEVER believe the naysayers.
  • NEVER doubt yourself.
  • Have the COURAGE to change if it is needed

Because the patient demand for functional medicine is so great, In 2012, I started coaching and consulting other doctors.  I’ve helped more doctors by breaking all the rules than I would have had I chosen to conform and do what other “gurus” were doing in the health industry.

Conventional doesn’t work my friend…

The irony here is that we have the biggest example of conventional failure staring us right in the face.  Look at the conventional medical model for treating chronic degenerative diseases.   Look at all the failures of this system…

  • Medicines are over prescribed and people are sick of it.
  • Insurance coverage is poor at best
  • Doctors are overworked and under paid
  • Consumers don’t get quality care

Both patients and doctors are frustrated in this current model.  Where are you?  What could you change, do differently, or improve to accomplish functional medicine success?  If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you will want to take advantage of my next one day Mastermind group.

Committed to your success,

Dr. O


Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne